Monday, June 12, 2017

Trent's First Communion

On May 20, Trent received his First Holy Communion. He was enrolled in religious education classes all year {with Babs as his teacher!}, and the culmination was this event. I was so excited and proud...and he was not, ha. Such a boy, that one!

Friday evening was his class play AND the dress rehearsal for First Communion, so we had to get to church early and practice with just the Director of Religious Education. They had a photographer there to take some posed shots of the kids, and Trent was being so uncooperative until the photographer started talking about Pokemon. Then he was putty in her hand!

Griping about me trying to fix his hair

This picture cracks me up. His life is so miserable isn't it?

Oh? You know what Pokemon is? Maybe I don't hate this so much.

GQ Model

Then he practiced with Ms. Diane

Finally! A smile!

Discussing where I can go QUICKLY to buy a belt. Did you notice T isn't wearing a belt in any of these pics? When Brent was helping him get dressed, we realized he doesn't have a belt, ha. I stressed and stressed over his outfit and never even thought to get a belt!

So we left and had just a little bit of time for us to stop and get a belt and get him changed into his costume for the play. THEN I realized he also hadn't eaten and wouldn't be home until easily 8:30...#momfail. So at Wal-Mart {ugh} we found a belt {that is reversible between black and brown and was $7! Score!}, got him a Lunchable and some chips {ugh} and also found a Dan TDM t-shirt. Trent is OBSESSED with this guy - he's a British gamer who has a bajillion YouTube videos playing Minecraft. He's like 24 and totally adorable in a nerdy gamer way. Trent FREAKED when he saw they had t-shirts, so of course I had to buy him one!

The next day we got everybody into their Sunday best and loaded up for church. Brent has now been to our church for Trent's baptism, Drew's baptism, and now Trent's communion. He'll have to go again this summer for Paige's baptism - the horror! Trent's godparents, Kristen and Schuyler, also came with their kiddos, both sets of grandparents were there, and also Brent's MeMa! Of course I got zero pictures of everyone together and Trent, Drew, and Beau acted like wild animals who had never been to church! 

And finally! Trent's First Communion! Look at that belt!!

His whole class

It was a very special day, and I did tear up a little as he was receiving communion. He's been really meh about the whole thing, but the next time we went to church he was pumped to go to communion, ha.


Kathryn Bagley said...

He looked so handsome!