Thursday, June 8, 2017

The First Day Back 3rd Edition

Well, I'm officially back at work. Womp, womp. I actually had a really good first day back. A lot of organizational changes happened while I was out and the partner I've been paired with since starting in my HR role has been promoted, and the new partner I'm paired with is on vacation, ha. My boss was on a bunch of calls and the girl who has been covering for me was out until after lunch {because she's pregnant!!!!!}. So I spent the morning cleaning out my Inbox and working with our nanny to establish the beginnings of a routine.

I have mixed emotions right now - first, this is my first time coming back from maternity leave being in HR, and let me tell you - working from home is amazing when you are just coming back to work. I got to nurse Paige every time she was hungry today {all the pumping mamas said AMEN}, I got to snuggle her a couple of times when she got upset, I got to hear her being taken care of. For the big 2, this was pretty normal so they weren't phased by me working, whew. BUT it is hard to go from doing 100% of everything for your child to barely anything during the day. I know I have to work and I have just about the sweetest set-up possible, so it is good to start getting back into a routine and developing our new normal. Having 24 weeks off with Paige was amazing. I can't imagine having to go back at 8 weeks or 12 like so many people do. I started Zoloft when Paige was almost 9 weeks old - can you imagine if I'd just started back to work?!?!

Sorry for the mess of a post - I honestly have felt really good about going back if a bit sad...well sad isn't really quite the right word. I'm not sure what word to use. Bittersweet maybe? I am so thankful for the time I've had with Paige, I'm so thankful for the job that I have {I don't LOVE it, but it's a great job for a great company with a kickass team}, I'm so thankful for being able to work from home, so I'm going to focus on all that!


Emily said...

AMEN for no pumping!!! What a relief! I feel ya on the organizational change. Everytume I came back I had to check in like: "ok anything major? Anyone got fired?" And there was always someone they forgot to tell me about until I tried to call them lol