Wednesday, June 7, 2017

May Life Lately

Even though we're well into June, I can't not post these pics!

Trent's class wrote plays in Spanish and performed them for us. SO CUTE!

After the plays, there was a mini Spring festival.
Drew and her bestie, Brooklyn, rode on a barrel train together.

Posing in her new suit

I can't even with this one.

I took Drew for her first pedicure. She loved getting her toes painted!
Of course we started off breaking a bottle of polish...oops!

New suits from Nana and Papa!

It was a wee bit chilly this day. I'm glad I got to sit on the side with Paige!

Photography by Drew

She almost always ends up not on a pillow. Weird.

Um, can I be both? {grin}

Silly buns! 
But apparently she didn't realize this is what I did and cried when she got to school.

Always eating her sleep sack!

Glad my new haircut didn't freak her out!

Trent's cultural on France. They worked so hard on it!
This is his girlfriend, Evelyn, ha!

LOVING the swings!

This onesie was Trent's and Drew wore it too. LOVE THAT.
Of course this should say '100% my big brother'!


Trent's class play of The Prince and the Pauper - 
May was a busy month at school!

The girls

Field Day! I helped plan it and was a volunteer and we made shirts this year!
{See what I mean about busy???}
And yes, Trent is dabbing. Sigh.

Pops the babysitter

Another one down!

The love is mutual between these too.

Can't stop, won't stop taking pics of this nugget!

He always has something wrapped around his head!

More photography by Drew! Just cracks me up when I find what she's taken.

Brent has been on me for about...oh...a year to clean the laundry room. BOOM.

Paige's first time in the wagon! She's still a little unsteady to where she didn't love this but I know in a few weeks she will! 

Whew! What a busy month! Really looking forward to no school!!!!!!!


Kathryn Bagley said...

Do they make drew's polka dot swim in adult sizes? super cute..and all those pictures of P..her smile is presh!