Thursday, December 1, 2016

December 2016 Goals

Wow! It's December. In a matter of days I will be having a baby. HOLY COW. Before we talk about what {little} I plan to do in December, let's talk about how I did on November goals.

1. Finish the Nursery - Minus some wall decor, it is done! I think I'll wait until I get it totally done to reveal it, but it's as ready as it can be for now for our little bundle. This month we ordered and put together a dresser and got it stocked with clothes, swaddles, diapers, etc. We finished decorating what was able to be done early and finished the crib {my sister found the missing screws!}.
2. Last of the Baby Prep - Bottles are washed and sanitized, hospital bag is as packed as it can be, clothes and diapers are organized, we are ready!
3. Individual Dates - Trent and I had a night out with dinner and an activity at school, and Drew and I maybe didn't have a specific date, but she and I do a lot together, ha.
4. Freezer Meals - I have 11 meals in the freezer and lots of stuff in the freezer for our picky boy {grilled chicken and pork chops and his spinach hamburgers}. Very proud of myself for this one!
5. Christmas Presents - I am 90% done with Christmas presents! I have everything for both kids, all the nieces and nephews, and several other family members. I just have a few left to buy. BOOM!

I think we can say I NAILED November's goals! Now let's see what's on the agenda for December {grin}.

1. Have a Baby! - Haha this is a given for December, but I'm super excited for hopefully another natural birth. Obviously I want a healthy baby and healthy mommy when all is said and done, but my goal is another natural delivery. So we'll see how that all plays out - SO STINKIN' EXCITED!

2. Enjoy Being a Family of 5 - We will be pretty low-key for December and most of the winter. I am so looking forward to just getting to know our baby {and know what our baby is!} and finding our new normal.

3. Limit the crazy - I am so hoping to not have post-partum again, but I also think I've done some prep work to limit/prevent it. And if I do have it again, I am going to ask for help IMMEDIATELY!

So pretty simple goals for December!


Kathryn Bagley said...

I shared the sour cream bake recipe with my friend Allison and one night next week (or the next) im going to make it for us and her husband! yum!!