Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Christmas Decorations!

I love decorating for most holidays but don't go overboard...except for Christmas! I usually focus on decorations in the living room/kitchen, since that is the main part of the house. But at Christmas? Santa's Workshop throws up! Last year, I didn't buy anything new, I just wanted to see what fit from our old house, but it was definitely sparse compared to what I like. This year, I bought some new stuff at Hobby Lobby when everything Christmas was 50% off {including our new 9' tree!!!}. I would like more because some rooms are still light, but we're definitely getting there! So now that I've blabbed on for way too long...let's look at some decorations!

I got these pieces from Hobby Lobby this year. 
I think this still needs something. Maybe some fake snow or some lights?

New pillows for the couch!

I love mixing Christmas decorations in with my regular stuff too.

This vase normally has only the wood wreaths/balls, but I mix it up with some ornaments.

My mom and Granny made these ornaments. I love using them as decorations.

A nativity scene from Brent's mom plus a few other knick-knacks.
I've had the table runner for years and I still LOVE it.

A view of the mantle and tree - my faves!
{And yes, I was watching Fixer Upper when I took all these pics.}

I can't get over that we have FIVE stockings this year! I never thought I would convince Brent!
I also love the stuff at the bottom because it's what the kids love to play with.

We are looking for a new tree topper, but I am IN LOVE with our new tree.

I love our tree skirt and that it matches the stockings.
Pottery Barn Kids for the win!

And just to make your hearts explode...T with the tree skirt in 2009.

More 'mixed' decorations - this normally has all wine corks.

This vase usually has lemons in it.

Target for the win! I wanted to buy all their Christmas stuff this year.

As much as I protested this table when Brent picked it out,
I have to admit he picked the perfect table.

I have loved changing out the decorations on this window from my grandparents' farm.
I don't love this - seems too small? But it's a start!

I have a collection of musical decorations from my Granny I didn't know what to do with.
I thought putting in the small windows above our bed would be cute.

Brent {a.k.a. The Grinch} bought these pillows!
We need more in our bedroom, but I think I have credit card elbow...so next year!

I also love to do little accents - door knob hangers {that Brent hates}, rugs, etc.

We had a little tree from our apartment that we had in the playroom last year, but we thought it would be special to the kids to have a tree in their rooms and be able to decorate them. Brent bought Drew a hot pink tree {seriously, who took my husband and replaced him with a robot who BUYS CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS??}. Both kids loved decorating their trees, and Drew would leave the lights on hers 24/7 if we let her.

And that wraps up the decorations for 2016. Drew would put a tree in every room if we let her, and poor Smoochie's room has nothing. I'm sure Smoochie will get a tree next year!


Emily said...

Lol I call my husband the Grinch, too. To be fair, he is Jewish so I would say it's understandable except he's a Grinch about Hanukkah too! Maybe someday the joy of our children will wear him down? Ha

Anonymous said...

Look great! Merry Christmas! - AP

Kathryn Bagley said...

Cute and so festive!

Kristi Griedl said...

Oh my... T by the tree?!?! That is soooo sweet! Love all your decor!