Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Beauty Shop

Drew never lets me play with her hair. Occasionally, she'll let me put in 1 braid or a ponytail, but usually she just wants it down. So depressing when I always wanted to play with my daughter's hair! BUT this weekend I bribed her to let me try out some different styles.

Mom goals complete!
My french braid skills are rusty, and her hair is SO thin, but I love it.

Silly buns - she wasn't a fan of this.

Top knot - she liked this a little because it was how I had my hair 'fixed'.
41 weeks, 2 days - I'm not doing much 'fixing' of my own hair!

Pigtail braids and a silly brother

 Now if she'd only let me fix her hair like this to leave the house! {grin}


Anonymous said...

Brinley is the same way! And it is disappointing. I'm no good at hair, so it takes me awhile and that doesn't help either. Glad to know I am not alone. - AP