Monday, June 6, 2016

June 2016 Goals!

Well, I never got around to making May goals, oops! So we should check in on how I did on April's...if I can even remember them.

1. DIY Kimono - Done! I took a day off work and spent the day with my mother-in-law and we made 2 kimonos! We had so much fun and are going to make more!!

2. Finish Playroom - Not done. Womp, womp! BUT...I do know the last few things I want to do to get it done.
3. Pictures & 4. Kitchen Chairs - As evidenced here, both of these got knocked out!
5. Juice Cleanse - I did it! If I could always get them super cheap I would love to do one more often because I did feel like it did a good job of cleansing without being harsh.
6. Back in the Kitchen - I have definitely been cooking more and using my meal planner!

Now onto June goals...

1. More Moving - I was training for a 5K {so sad that I had to 'train' for it given that used to be my standard run} but got sidetracked by a stomach bug, so I want to get back to running so that I can not feel embarrassed about not being able to run a 5K.

2. Pool Time - We joined a country club that has a pool, and I have been so excited for the weather to warm up to go to the pool...and it's been raining non-stop. Womp, womp! So the forecast next week looks much better, and I can't wait to get into the pool with the kids!

3. Organize Playroom - I really think I am going to plan to do this like twice a year. The rest of the year as long as stuff is off the floor, I'll be happy. But I do want to match up all the dress-up shoes, Transformers parts, random game pieces, etc. Then I'm sure a week later it'll be a mess again, but it'll make me feel good to clean it up periodically!

4. Decorate Office - Now that we have beautiful office furniture {yay!} we need to get stuff on the walls. I have a pile of possibilities and just need to get my handy decorator over to help me put it all together.

So nothing too crazy for this month, but I sure am looking forward to a fun summer!


Kathryn Bagley said...

Love your kimonos!! Can I pay yall to make me one :)

Emily said...

I LOL'ed at the organize playroom goal. I too love matching up my kids toys and even though I can't do it often enough, I still love to do it when I can!