Monday, June 1, 2015

June Goals!

I'm having fun setting and trying to achieve monthly goals. Nothing too hard or stressful but something to strive for. Before I talk about my goals for June, here's how I did in May:

1. Finish organizing the house - I would say we are 90% done. The office and laundry room need some work, but otherwise I'd say we're there! The playroom was a big project, but we have it looking so great. I probably need a new bookcase, but I'm very happy with it.
2. Develop {and stick to} a cleaning schedule - This I rocked until I got strep throat. So I backslid a little but am getting right back in the saddle.
3. Hire a nanny - Done! And she started today!!
4. Schedule family pictures - Um nope.
5. Family activity - We spent a lot of time together but didn't get out and GO somewhere.

1. Clean my car! - Oh my gosh. My car is a stinky, grubby, likely-to-be-mold-growing garbage can on wheels. Snack containers, old socks, trash, thrown's bad. I need to do a major clean job including paying for a detailing.

2. Lots of time outside - I have a tendency to like to stay inside, and that isn't great for me or especially the kids. Our nanny {Miss Sam} knows I want the kids outside a lot, but I also want us to be outside as much as we can in the evenings and on the weekends. June is going to be milder than usual temperature-wise so we need to take advantage while we can.

3. Schedule family pictures - Honestly I'm scared to talk to Brent about this. He HATES this kind of stuff. But a great photographer is going to do them for FREE for us, so really it's just getting him on board for doing it. {Hey honey, what do you think?}

4. Family activity - Seriously - let's GO SOMEWHERE!

5. Decorate kids' rooms - Not much is changing with how the kids' rooms our decorated from our old house, so I just need to get everything put up on the walls. Should be an easy-ish first step into decorating since I think a lot of other rooms are going to be tough!

6. Swim lessons/rec center - Our new town has a great rec center that is very affordable and has so much great stuff and their swim lessons are dirt cheap for private lessons. It's time to get Trent out of his floaties and it's another way for us to be active and outdoors!


Kathryn Bagley said...

Brent-be nice and just agree to the pics!! :)

Karen Peterson said...

I need to spend more time outside too. You'd think it would be the easiest thing eve since I'm in Southern California, but it's just so easy to be inside and lazy.