Monday, June 8, 2015

Bedtime Shenanigans

Sunday's bedtime all started with a simple air mattress... Well, actually it started Saturday night. {grin} Brent played in a golf tournament Saturday and started snoring about .2 seconds after getting into bed that night, so we agreed {ha...after I punched him} it would be best if he slept in the guest room. Drew found the air mattress he slept on Sunday after church and begged to take her nap in there. I told her if she got off the bed, she would go to her crib. I didn't hear a peep out of her and she was asleep in minutes.

Always with her hand in her hair

So Sunday night when both kids wanted to sleep on the air mattress, we thought why not? {They have tried probably 5 other times to sleep together and it never ends well - Trent gets tired of Drew talking and leaves the room to which Drew responds with the saddest sobbing you've ever heard. Rejection is hard.}

I should have known it wouldn't go well when this was how reading time ended.

Fast forward 2 hours...

It was probably 11:00 before we had both kids asleep {D in her crib and T on the air mattress}, and they are spending the day today with Babs and Pops, so I had to wake them both up at 7:20 to go over there.

Any regrets, Sister?

Can you find T?

I think we're all dragging a little today but they were too hilarious last night. 


Karen Peterson said...

Sometimes you have to put up with a little sleepiness to enjoy the silliness of life.