Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Latest and Greatest

OMG y'all. Sunday and Monday were such a rollercoaster of emotions. 

Trent was doing so great on the antibiotics {except for fighting over taking them through his IV}. He was off morphine, walking {and wrestling and running and jumping}, and mostly back to normal. We kept getting different information from different doctors about our protocol for going home and when exactly we'd be going home. Infectious Disease would say one thing, Ortho would say another, General Pediatrics a third. We were told Monday or Tuesday at the earliest. Ugh.

So Sunday Brent came up to the hospital and I left for a few hours with my gurl. We cuddled and snuggled and shopped, all things a mom and daughter should do. Brent let me know we would definitely be going on Tuesday {boo} but likely with oral antibiotics {yay}. Then Trent got his first treatment of oral antibiotics. Brent updated me that we'd now go home Monday. Best news!

Drew had another slumber party with Babs and Pops and I stayed another night in the hospital with Trent. Trent had to get antibiotics at midnight and blood drawn at 6:00 - nothing I like more than pinning my crying child in the middle of the night.

Monday morning, the conflicting reports came in, and it sounded like Tuesday would be the release date AGAIN. I finally asked one of the doctors we'd seen most routinely and she decided he could go home!!! One of the tests they were monitoring {CRP, which shows inflammation} was finally back in the normal range {normal being 0.8 or less - T's results started at 5.5, down to 2.7 and finally to 0.5!!!}. We got our discharge paperwork about 3:30, got his IV removed {slight battle to keep it, ha} and we were off. I teared up a little as we walked out the doors - me to get our gurl and B and T to go buy some toys!

It was amazing to have all my peeps together under 1 roof. This week, we're going to keep Trent home even though he has no restrictions - we just wanted to give him the chance to recover and relax.

He is obviously enjoying his vacation.

So for the next 4 weeks, Trent has to take an oral antibiotic 3 times/day (and each dose is double what is usually given). This means he goes through a 10 day regimen in 3 days, and we're going to get 9 bottles of medicine. He is also getting a double dose of a 10 billion strain probiotic, and I'm doing a few other hippie mama things to keep his immune system strong.

We also have follow-up appointments scheduled with the Infectious Disease doctor, Dr. Kahn {aka the worst doctor ever}, and our pediatrician. The only real question mark left is the Legg-Calve-Perthes diagnosis and whether that condition truly exists.

Whew. And with that, I hope 'the great mystery illness of 2013' is done.

Thanks to everyone for their encouraging words, offers of meals, babysitting, toys for T and general support. My network is so strong, and I'm so thankful for the love and support we have received the past week!


Dee Stephens said...

Wow! Sounds like a rollercoaster. It sucks that you're getting so many conflicting opinions from various doctors.
Me and my friend were talking about that.
Pretty redic.
Let's hope it was just a fluke thing and not Legg-Calve-Perthes!

Adventures of Three Harts said...

I almost looked for you on facebook last night needing more updates!

So glad you guys are home!

Karen M. Peterson said...

It's so amazing the way people will pitch in during a crisis. I'm glad you're surrounded by good friends and family that could help you out.