Thursday, November 21, 2013

Randoms, Life Updates, Milestones

  • Guess who is walking?!?! My baby is too big! And seriously - isn't she delicious?
  • Speaking of her being big, I am full-on party planning. I have the theme, cake, and decorations all in my head. I spent way too much time planning her outfit on Etsy, but I think I've got it perfect! Girl parties are so fun!
  • My sister's craftiness for our mom continues. {The crookedness is due to photography skills not her artistic abilities!}
  • I somehow lost 2 or 3 pounds while Trent was in the hospital. Silver lining?
  • I saw the bill for his hospital stay. Holy cow.
  • It is no fun giving T medicine at midnight every night. So sleepy!
  • My mom bought Trent some costumes at Goodwill. He is in heaven.
  • We have follow-up appointments today for Trent. Wish us luck for good results!
  • 18 months ago or so, we moved Trent into his big-boy room. I was going to blog about how it all came out but things stalled because of his behavior {we were afraid he'd destroy his room} and because of Etsy. YESTERDAY {yes, you read that right}, I got the main wall art I ordered for his room in September of 2012. Can we say frustrated? Luckily it looks great! I wonder if I'll decorate it anytime soon??


Dee Stephens said...

YAY! Go girl! Can't wait to see her party!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I'm glad things are going okay and that Trent is doing better.