Sunday, November 3, 2013

Grow Baby Grow {Drew} - 10 Months

Another month has come and gone! Drew is 10 months old and getting oh so too close to 1. Good thing I'm already party planning!! This month was plagued with the sickies but luckily nothing serious. A fever and 2 bouts of diarrhea meant she got to skip school a bunch but none of it slowed her down!

Weight: ~17 1/2 pounds (from a sick visit)
Clothes: 9 months (Carter's), 6-12 months (everywhere else)
Diaper size: size 3 in disposals, all snapped down in cloth

*Busy, busy, busy - she crawls everywhere, pulls up and lets go consistently {and can stand for easily 30 seconds} but no real attempts at walking yet.
*Loves wagon rides

*Gives high 5s (taught by Daddy), blows kisses, waves - these might be the cutest tricks she's mastered yet.
*Waking up 1-2 times/night and wants to nurse. I am not loving this trick, but she won't take a paci and doesn't have a lovey so I don't really know what to do with her.

*Eating a variety of food at each meal but mostly still fruits and veggies
*Her favorite thing to eat? Paper! I can't keep her from shoving paper in her mouth.

*Says 'ma', 'da', 'ba' and 'ga' consistently.
*Starting to enjoy toys - loves her Pooh phone and stuffed animals. Anything that is Brother's is also the best!

*GAH! Look at those pigs. She does this consistently in her highchair.

*Loves to nurse, eats 2-3 meals a day {although a lot of the food ends up on the floor}
*Already interested in labor support as well {grin}

*We used to say she was so quiet. Not the case anymore, she is so noisy!  Constantly jabber-jawing!
*If you blink, she is into something. Always wants phones, remotes, my laptop, my breastpump. Basically everything she shouldn't have.

*Goes to bed about 7:00 {earlier if school was rough that day} and sleeps until about 7:00. 2 naps/day - when at home they're about 10:00 and 2:30 and almost always 90 minutes.
*Loves baby dolls. My parents have a cradle with dolls in it, and if you ask Drew 'Where are your babies?' she crawls over to the cradle and pats them. I die.

*Pushes her grocery cart all over the house - she walks until she runs into something, then turns to look at whoever is helping her, grunts and blows a kiss. Message- 'Yo, big person. Come turn my cart around. Pronto. Muah. Muah.'

*Starting to show attitude if she doesn't get her way. Will fuss at you to let you know she is NOT happy with the way she is being treated. No full-on tantrums yet, but I know they're not far away.

*Is always picking stuff off the floor to put in her mouth. Grass, bugs, crumbs of food, all goes in.
*Her 3rd tooth {top right} poked through on her 10 month birthday.

*These are the only pair of pajamas she has that truly fit. Every other pair she somehow consistently gets one leg out while crawling. So she gets changed pretty promptly first thing in the morning. Too funny.

Outtakes {grin}

Drew babe, you have captured our hearts. Forever and for always.


Adventures of Three Harts said...

I can't believe that doll baby is 10 months old!

Dee Stephens said...

Shelby picks up everything and puts it in her mouth too. Ugh. Drew is a cutie. :)

Anonymous said...

Love it! She's growing too fast though!


Kitty said...

June does the same thing with her feet in her high chair :) You are doing way better than me with the monthly updates..I'm 2 months behind!