Tuesday, June 5, 2012


  • Today, at my parents' house, Trent 'found' a night-night.  My dad caved and let him have it for a little while.  I haven't been that angry at my parents since I was a teenager (sorry again, Mom, for yelling at you!).
  • Speaking of being a teenager, my face didn't get the memo that I'm in my 30s.  Pepperonis on the face is not cool.
  • I realized I left out an ingredient from the salsa chicken recipe (can of cream of chicken soup).  I updated that post but wanted to point it out just in case anyone was going to make it (and you totally should).
  • I've been working on Trent's birthday party invitation.  
  • How is my child almost 3?!?!
  • I have a work deadline on 6/29, and T's party will be 6/30.  Um, that timing stinks for party prep.  I might have to beg the FMIL to help!
  • My mom gave me a sequel to Pride and Prejudice.  I started it yesterday, so far, so good!
  • We had book club last week (book review to come soon), and out of the 4 hours we were together, we talked about the book for, oh, 15 minutes.  {grin}
  • I plan to do a Project 52 update at the end of the month.  Probably should be more accurately called a 'lack of update'.  Oh well, at least it's for a good cause.  Right now I'm thinking 25 look realistic at this point...
  • I still need to pay my 2011 Project 52 bill.  Eek!


Kelly said...

Oh man..I can't believe Coach Swope caved! What?!?! It was good talking to your yesterday!! :)

Kit and Heather said...

What is night-night?

Kit and Heather said...

Just kidding, we just read about Trent's night-night adventures

Hanna said...

I actually just tried the bbq chicken recipe. LOVE it! Though I wasn't as exact. I marinated the chicken overnight in a bottle of bbq sauce, a bottle of italian dressing, and a few tbsps of mustard. Delish! Thanks!!