Wednesday, June 13, 2012

THE Invitation

I blogged last week about working on Trent's party invitation.  I emailed the lady I found last year to make T's (through etsy) and never heard back from her.  So I kept perusing etsy and just couldn't find anything I liked.  Through a recommendation, I met Monica.  Let me tell you.  Easiest process ever.  After I emailed her, I had a response within 30 minutes.  I sent her my thoughts on what I was looking for and within 24 hours I had 3 invitations.  Adorable.  Reasonably priced.  GREAT to work with.  PLEASE if you need invitations, go check out her webpage!  Now...  the perfect invitation for my little guy who has been requesting for months (without prompting) a garbage truck cake...I present a garbage truck party invitation.  Be jealous!


Heather said...

Very cute! I love it! Mason was very into garbage trucks at Trent's age too! He would give the garbage men drinks every time they picked up our garbage!

the blogivers said...

Super cute! I was just thinking yesterday about how I went to that baby shower for my friend last year and saw your invitation for Trent's party on her fridge :)

Kelly said...

It is definitely cute!! You know I will be there with smiles!! Text me some gift ideas!!