Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Review: Courtyard Hounds

I LOVE The Dixie Chicks. Like LOVE them. So I was super excited to hear Martie and Emily were releasing an album as a duo. Results of the Chicks without Natalie? Meh. The whole time I just kept thinking it was good but something was missing. Maybe their lead singer?? Natalie has pipes. Emily as the lead singer kind of sounds like a backup singer with no one to back up. I hope to see them in concert, so I'm still pumped for any new material from these ladies, but they're definitely no replacement for my Chicks! Anyone else check out Courtyard Hounds? Thoughts?


Jennifer said...

I'm with you...they need Natalie...great on instruments, but lacking in vocals. Kinda boring, in my opinion. However, I'd still see them in concert.--J Watkins