Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Family Fun Day

The main thing I was excited about for Family Fun Day was the petting zoo! I was curious if the boys would like the animals or be scared. Trent's only been around Auntie K Dub's puppy (okay...not a puppy...a black lab - ha!) Mitch and they definitely have a love affair with each other. But farm animals? I wasn't sure.

Miles checking out the goats
Trent checking out the goats
Well, the boys LOVED the animals! I couldn't believe Trent picked up that chicken. She (he?) started squaking like crazy, and I had to grab it out of Trent's hand. He was unfazed. :)

AND he did ride the pony!
Miles too!
The boys really had a good time, and I enjoyed showing off Trent's school to my family.