Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Currently: Spring Fever

Current Book

Blog Friend Book Club selection - can't wait to discuss!

Current Song

Taylor Swift - Gorgeous

Drew is obsessed with Taylor, 
and I'm getting to listen to a lot of songs I didn't know before.

Current TV Show

Season 2 is AMAZING!

Current Audiobook/Podcast

Meryl Streep's performance is divine

Current Drink

I've started drinking this as my afternoon pick-me-up, yum!

Current Food

We ate out at a restaurant this weekend, Whiskey Cake.
Their signature dessert is FANTASTIC.

Current Outfit

A little AmpedUp swag!

Current Celebrity Crush

I just finished this book and CANNOT WAIT to see these 2.

Current Mood

We are in our last 9 weeks of school!
There are so many fantastic things happening in the last few months.
PLUS we already have 4 vacations planned for the 2nd half of the year.
I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

Current Anticipation

I'm really excited for our Easter celebrations this weekend.
Crazy to look at this picture from last year and not even know about Sawyer!

Current Wishlist

We still haven't picked a rug yet! 
I can't make up my mind...eek.

Current Movie

Going to take Drew to see this soon!

Current Picture

We had a fun-filled weekend, and this was the highlight!!


Natasha said...

I hate all of you in Texas right now! We still have 13 weeks of school left. Ugh. We're nowhere close to starting to countdown :( Also, I'm SO GLAD you loved Wicked!!! And is Meryl Streep better than Tom Hanks in The Dutch House -- discuss... Hahahaha!!!