Friday, September 23, 2022

Hilton Head Island

We went to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina for 5 days last week with 3 other couples and had an amazing trip! HHI is a really cool place, and I loved that Brent and I went to a state we've never been to before.

We left at 8:00 AM Tuesday morning, so we got up at 4:30, woof. The kids spent the night before with Brent's parents which was a huge help - we are so lucky to have both sets of parents around AND helpful!

Bright eyed and ready to go!

The Austin airport's Starbucks was OUT OF CHAI, so I was super happy to find one in Charlotte during our layover and had to tell my mother-in-law, ha.

We got a great picture from Nana before we arrived - Paige's insanely wiggly tooth finally came out!

3 of the couples-we all got in at the same time and met at the outside bar for HH!

We had a great dinner at a local restaurant called Skill Creek Dockside. It was so neat to eat out on the water!

Look at that sunset!

The guys played golf every day, so us girls had our own adventures! On Wednesday, we went shopping in town, did a lighthouse tour of the Harbour Town lighthouse, had a yummy lunch, and then met the guys on the 18th green because they were golfing at the Harbour Town golf course.

~Allena, Lauren, Staci, Meggie~

We couldn't get over the trees!

The lighthouse

Gorgeous views!

These got a little out of order, but my view from the lighthouse.
You can see the 18th green where we met the guys.

Delicious lavender mojito at lunch

While we were shopping I went into a local bookstore and bought 2 books. I don't own a lot of physical books, but I do like to shop at local bookstores when I travel! The owner also told me she gets a lot of ARC books {advance reader copies}, and she gifted me one!

We had dinner Wednesday night at a delicious, local Italian restaurant.

Thursday the girls ventured to another island, Daufuskie Island, that you can only get to by ferry. Only 400 people live on the island year-round, and it was SUCH a neat experience!

Look at this tree!!!!

133 year old church

D'Fuskie's General Store - where we had lunch

There was a little free library on the island, I had to take a book!

The last thing we did was go to the Daufuskie Island Distillery. They couldn't sell drinks, so we had to pay for a tour {word used loosely} and we got a free drink at the end.

They make bourbon and vodka

My drink was their lavender blueberry vodka mixed with lemonad.
I had to buy a bottle, it was so so good!

Life doesn't get much better!

Dinner Thursday night was at another local spot, The Sage Room. I made a meal out of apps and side dishes, it was so good.

Brent modeling the hat I bought him from the distillery

Friday morning, I did yoga on the beach offered by the hotel. How could I not? Such a cool opportunity!

Golfer Brent

The ladies spent the morning/early afternoon at the spa getting massages and facials - so amazing and relaxing!

There were Monach butterflies everywhere!

Beach Life!

We had another fun dinner, at the Old Oyster Factory, after the guys returned from their 3rd day of golf. 

It is super fun to sit out on the water and these sunsets were so awesome.

The gang together for one last picture!

We had such an amazing vacation but were happy to see our rugrats again when we got home.


Kathryn Bagley said...

This looks so relaxing!! That last picture is frame worthy! Beautiful sunset! I love that you got some books too!