Monday, December 17, 2018

Photo-a-Day: Week 50

Day 344: First cranberry tea of the season! Yum!

Day 345: An Actual Real Ponytail!

Day 346: Why Do My Children Like To Sleep On The Playroom Couch?

Day 347: Bedtime Airplane

Day 348: When You Throw-Up On Yourself In The Daycare Drop-Off Line

Day 349: SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 350: Her First Ponytail!


Natasha said...

Oh yum - cranberry tea!!!

And I'm sorry about the throw up -- we had that over here too :( Not fun.

Kelly Bruneman said...

You have a couch in your playroom? (me, mentally picturing your house...hahaha) and you guys ROCKED Santa! :)