Friday, December 7, 2018

A Month of Faves

Natasha tagged me in this IG blogger prompt, and I know I won't do all the prompts, but I thought some sounded really fun, so I'm going to attempt a few of them. I do like to end the year with some look backs so I think I'll enjoy this and hope you do too!

The 2018 Favorites Edition
Faves to eat, drink, wear, smell, see, do, best purchases, 
most used gift received, favorite event, etc.
Whew, that's a lot of ideas...we'll see where this goes!

*I'm trying to avoid the topics I usually cover in my 'year-in-review' post.*

Faves to Eat
Hands down, my favorite restaurant to eat at is Blue Corn Harvest which is a local restaurant oh the square in our town. It's Tex-Mex with some flair. My favorite dish is their pulled pork enchiladas, and their queso is out of the world. Plus, they have amazing cocktails. We were there with friends a while back and got bread pudding as a dessert that was made out of donuts. Y'all. Insane. They also have a weekend brunch that is really top notch. Just best hands down.

Faves to Drink
I am going to have to think on a new drink this year. I'm still madly in love with a Starbucks chai latte and my favorite wine is still Moscato d'Asti. I've started making a version of a Moscow mule to cut down on calories {ugh}, and it's decent. You guys all know sugar is my vice and nothing says that more than my choices in beverages!

Faves to Wear
Dressing is not a whole lot of fun when you aren't happy with your size {but I'm down another 3 pounds!!}, but I also don't want to look like a slob, so I've been working on finding the balance of dressing the body I have in cute yet not expensive clothes, since I hope to not be wearing them for much longer, ha. I'm already really digging my 2 new poncho/scarves from Grace & Lace, and I love the outfit I wore for my birthday - it was my first romper to buy. 

Poncho scarf #2 at my work Holiday party and birthday dinner outfit

Favorite Event
As a totally fun and different activity, I loved the neon Pub Crawl we did for my birthday!

Favorite Purchase
As lame as this is, I am still obsessed with my cordless vacuum. I vacuum at least some of the house almost every day - yesterday I did part of the kitchen {it wasn't too bad because I'd vacuumed it the day before}, the living room, master bedroom, playroom, and had the big kids do their rooms. LOVE IT.

I think this is a pretty good start to the month of faves! What were your favorites of the year?


Emily said...

I love your favorite purchase. I recently read a meme along the lines of: "One day you're cool and the next day you're excited for your new vacuum. #adulting" and I'm like "YES I LOVE NEW VACUUMS!" I'm with you there haha. Also, you totally nailed it with your comment about how unfun it is to dress in a size you don't like. I'm there too but it's freezing winter up here right now which means I get to hide behind sculpting jeans and long shirts. Let's cross all our fingers/toes that I'm pregnant by summer and can just let the belly take the lead.

Natasha said...

I think my favourite things to eat were burrito bowls (a new discovery for us) and pizza (which is ALWAYS a favourite) and my favourite thing to drink was homemade frappes (a readathon discovery).

My favourite thing to wear was my new floppy sun hat and can I count that as my favourite purchase too?!?!?

I have a hard time defining my favourites for the whole year. Argh.

Also, I'm glad you're joining in for some of these prompts! I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts.