Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Christmas Song Mix 2018

I've started a blog tradition of my own the past few years sharing some new {to me} Christmas songs that I've fallen in love with. Some are older and I'm behind the times and some are recent releases. Overall, I am a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas carols, but I do think it's fun to mix in a new song here and there - especially when they use sleigh bells haha. Nothing says Christmas song like sleigh bells, am I right?

For past years:

*Funny as I look at those old posts, they all have almost the same intro*

So for all that rambling, here are this year's picks!

Sheryl Crow - There is a Star that Shines Tonight

The Tenors - Santa's Wish (Teach the World)

Gwen Stefani - You Make It Feel Like Christmas

Straight No Chaser - The 12 Days of Christmas


Natasha said...

I LOVE Straight No Chaser. Thank you for reminding me to listen to them today.

Kathryn Bagley said...

I don't know why Blake and Gwen seem like such an odd couple but they go together! That video was hilarious! This year I've really gotten into Mariah Carey's Oh Santa! I just love that song..ha!

Emily said...

The first two just feel so SAD! I don’t know why? I love the second 2!