Friday, October 12, 2018

Five on Friday


I had my chalazion drained yesterday. It wasn't too bad overall but was gross because the doctor was explaining IN DETAIL everything he was doing to a nurse who was observing.
Allena's inner thoughts as I squeeze the armrest to death:
Please stop talking about how you're squeezing pus out of my eyelid right now.
Luckily, it was super quick!
The doctor said it's going to look gross for a little while.
Gee thanks because my face has been SO pretty lately already.

The evolution of the chalazion


New Amsterdam 

Brent and I started a new show together!!!
I'm always nagging him for us to find a show together, and he suggested this one.
Anyone else watching it? We both really like it.
We don't do well with shows you can binge
 - he'll just stay up for hours and get way ahead of me - not nice!
I'm trying to get him to watch Game of Thrones since I've already seen it!


Shoe Update

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was on the hunt for some booties.
They came in, and I LOVE them.
But I also went on a shoe binge and bought 2 new pairs of slip-ons.
I wore the same Tom's for the last 5 winters until I busted a hole in the side, so I needed some new closed toe slip-ons for our brutal winters on the days my flip-flops won't work. I think I succeeded!


Binge Mode

Speaking of Game of Thrones...

Thanks to Erika's suggestion, I've started listening to the Binge Mode podcast.
They have a Game of Thrones one which is obviously on hiatus, but I'm enjoying listening to it episode-by-episode.
They also have a Harry Potter one that goes 5 chapters per episode.
This little book/TV/movie nerd heart is in heaven!
I have laughed SO hard many times and also teared up - it's absolute perfection.



Guess who's anniversary is next week?!?!

We hit the big FOURTEEN! We have babysitters lined up but no concrete plans yet.
14 seems like a lot, huh? [in a good way]
I'm really proud of us and am looking forward to celebrating!


Kathryn Bagley said...

14 years is awesome! Need to email me where you got your beige slip ons and booties!! Nordstrom Rack?! ha

Emily said...

I keep seeing commercials for New Amsterdam and am intrigued. We used to LOVE watching House and I wonder if it’s similar? It reminds me of it in that the doc dismisses the standard rules of the medical system. It also doesn’t seem to have too much romantic drama, which always annoys me. Secondly, I missed the post about booties - where / what brand did you end up getting? My expensive booties got a hole in them but go figure my Target booties are holding up great (and still comfy).