Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween 2018

Halloween has come and gone, and we had a great time celebrating all things pumpkin! Since our kids go to Montessori schools, they don't dress up in costumes or have parties at school {fine by me!}. Trent did have a program in his class where he dressed up like a real person and gave a report on the person and his class had to guess who he was, so he dressed up a little, and of course, I decked the girls out in all things jack-o-lantern.

Trent with glasses and gray hair to transform into Steven Spielberg!
And my cutie pumpkin girls!

We had friends come to our house to trick or treat. The weather was really wonky because a cold front blew in at 4:30 and rain was in the forecast, so we hit the streets at 5:45. Luckily the rain held off until about 6:40, so the kids went to a lot of houses and ended up with a crazy amount of candy, most of which Brent is taking to work tomorrow!

All the kiddos, minus slow poke Paige!

Here she is!

Pumpkins galore

We tried the wagon to see if we could hurry up this princess.
But then she decided she wanted to push it. Sigh.

The dads

Another neighbor drove some of our crew back home once the rain came. 

 We ate pizza and candy and a great night was had by all! And the stars aligned so that my big kids don't have school tomorrow too!!! 

The moms {the rain did a number on my hair, ha}

And with that...bring on the turkey! {grin}


Emily said...

I have to know, did you ever carve pumpkins?!

Kathryn Bagley said...

Fun night :)