Thursday, August 30, 2018


Drew cracks us up constantly with the things she says - the way her brain works is just so precious. I don't get everything saved that I mean to, but here's a collection of some of my favorites from the last few months.

She still says a few words wrong: Smashed potatoes, pasketi, gymastics, and 'honk the horns!' - we don't ever correct her because it's too cute!

She was being really silly with my mom one day and told her 'I overflowed  my stillness.'

She can be SO emotional and told me one time 'Sometimes I cry for fun.' Mmm-kay?

'I know who Paige's boyfriend is - it's Grant!' {Our neighbor's 2.5 year old}

Talking about her antibiotics with one of her many rounds of strep throat this spring - 'It tasted like poison ivy.' I didn't know she even knew what poison ivy was let alone assigned it a taste!

She was hitting golf balls with Brent one night and told him, 'I hit almost as far as you!' Gotta love that self-confidence!

One of our babysitters, Ms. Morgan, got a grown-up job, and when I told Drew that she replied 'Her parents died?!?!' I'm so glad that's not how adulthood works!

She has the most unusual way of trying to describe a song to get you to play it. Describing the Ke$ha and Pitbull song Timber to me, she kept asking me to play 'the song with the panda that Blair and I dance to'. It took me forever to decipher that one - there's a Just Dance YouTube video where one of the holograms has a Panda head!

Explaining the handicap rail in a bathroom stall - 'In case you get sucked down the toilet, you can pull yourself out.' Wouldn't that be a fun bathroom experience?

One day she was asking me if I was older than Brent now that I had a birthday. When I told her that Brent was still older, she responded with  'Oh so he's still older because his birthday is the day he was born.' Not quite, sweet girl!

She just keeps me laughing so often! Love this funny girl!


Emily said...

I died laughing at the “her parents died?!” Because it’s such a childlike thought that your parents take care of you so if she got a job, something must have happened to her parents.

Kathryn Bagley said...

How cute!