Thursday, February 15, 2018

Class of 98 Survey

As Class President of my H.S. Class {#nerd}, I'm helping plan our 20-year reunion. I saw this survey online and thought it would be fun - you guys know I love surveys!!!

Class of 1998

1. Did you know your current spouse? Yes!!

Here we are at prom!!

2. What kind of car did you have? white 1987 Toyota Cressida

3. What kind of job did you have? A Technician-in-Training at the Pflugerville Pharmacy - basically I answered the phone, waited on customers, counted pills, stocked shelves, checked in inventory. I met one of my dearest friends there, and she still works there!

4. Were you a party animal? Nope

5. Were you a jock or a nerd? Nerd - but I wasn't an outcast

6. Were you in choir/Band or orchestra? Band - I played the flute which was really awesome since American Pie came out in H.S., and we know what happens when you play the flute at band camp! {grin}

7th grade band picture -hahahahahaha

7. Did you ever get suspended from school? Nope. When both of your parents are teachers, you do NOT get in trouble.

8. If you could go back would you? Hell TO THE NO. I still have nightmares about getting to my classes late and not knowing my locker combo.

9. Do you still talk to the person you went to prom with? Yes since I married him!

10. Did you skip school? Not even once

11. Go to all the football games? Yes because I was in the marching band, but I probably would have regardless since my dad was a football coach.

12. Favorite subject? The Government/Economics class I had with Brent!

13. Do you have any of your yearbooks? Yep

14. Did you follow the career path you imagined? No - I really thought I'd be a teacher.

15. Still talk to your best friend? Yes through social media

16. Favorite singer? George Strait

17. Favorite Teacher? Coach Swope who was my Algebra II teacher and, you know, my dad


Kathryn Bagley said...

I just don't understand how we were not friends! I answered the same to most of your questions..ha! and your 7th grade pic-totally Drew!

Emily said...

Oh I love this and may have to copy! You may be offended by this but... You sound like such a goody goody in high school!!! We would not have been friends at all lol. I wasn’t a bad kid myself but I thought the good kids were boring.