Thursday, August 17, 2017


I've been collecting a ton of funny stories from the kids. Most of these are from Drew, but to be honest 4 year-olds seem to have more silly expressions than 8 year-olds.

We were asking the kids if they wanted to see The Emoji Movie, and Drew said [when talking about the preview she'd seen]: 'The 2 chocolates were saying we're number 2!' DYING!

I was helping her get undressed and she said 'Don't pull my dress outside inside.'

When talking about the Texas Longhorns, Drew says 'Honk the horns!' instead of 'Hook em Horns!' This Aggie isn't going to correct that!

She says 'Finders keepers, losers weezers'

Candy cans = candy canes

I have to dissect song titles:
Roll your own babies = Biscuits by Kacey Musgraves {The lines in the song say: Hoe your own row and raise your own babies}
It's all her fault = She Is by Ne-Yo and Tim McGraw
I play so many games = Hypixel mini games {a Minecraft parody song}

Trent and I were watching Jurassic World and he asked me if 'abyss' was a bad word. I said no and explained what an abyss was. Then later he proceeded to exclaim 'son of a biss'. Instead of 'son of a b*tch' he thought they said 'biss' and I told him it wasn't a bad word, oops!

Drew got the pirate cake pop at Starbucks one time and asked me 'Why does this pirate have a smile and not an arggggggh?'

One time when I was leaving she told me 'Don't get in a car wreck or break any bones.' Yes ma'am!

She told me 'When I am 9 years old and you are still my mom and I am going into high school into kindergarten I am still going to hold Paige. And I will be older than Bubba.' 

Another time she told me 'When I am a mom I will name my baby Buttercup Noelle Hello Kitty.' Ummmmm

We went to a birthday party for a neighbor/friend last weekend, and Trent was playing with 2 brothers who were 8 and 13. They walked to the park to play Pokemon Go and later he told me 'The playground equipment was for 5-12 but Aldo is 13. Don't tell anyone.' Your secret is safe with me, kiddo!

Love these silly kids!


Emily said...

Aaron also says "candy cans" and it's my favorite! I particularly like the "son of a bitch" hahaha

Kathryn Bagley said...

How cute! 2