Friday, August 25, 2017

First Days of School 2017-18 Round-Up

We have survived the start of school! It was shockingly easy {so far} to get back into a routine even adding Paige into the mix which was a big fear of mine ever since learning we were pregnant. Of course, I fully recognize this is the honeymoon phase, and as we all wear out I'm sure the wheels will start to fall off. {grin}

First up, let's talk about Trent!

**He actually chose this pose, ha**

This is Trent's 3rd and final year in Lower Elementary. I fought with Brent to keep Trent at CMS one more year even though we could have switched to a charter Montessori this year. I felt it was really important for him to remain with Ms. Veena and finish this cycle. These first few days have gone well - he hasn't complained about going, he gives us a good report when he gets in the car, and {so far} we haven't heard from Veena! He's the leader of his class now, and Brent and I both think this added responsibility is going to suit him. He has several friends who aren't at CMS this year - including his girlfriend (ha) - and he's a bit sad about that, but I told him we'll work on park adventures with those friends. I am really hopeful for this year!

Next up, Drew!

This is Drew's 3rd year in Children's House and her second with Ms. Hannah. She is so silly and also sweet and loves her class. Her best friend has been in the same classes with her since they were 18 months old, and I know they have already had to be separated for being silly. But the last 2 years she was very unhappy at the start of school, so we'll take it. She has been wanting to snuggle a lot more, so I know she's missing me during the day.

And lastly, our little Paige's first days at school EVER!!! {sob}

Paige has been doing amazing at school! She started Wednesday and immediately wanted to get down and play and didn't cry when I left although I'm not sure she realized I was leaving and I hope she didn't cry once she realized I wasn't there, eek. Wednesday and Thursday I was able to pick her up at lunchtime, so she was there about 4 hours. Wednesday she didn't nap, but Thursday she slept for 30 minutes in the morning. She's been happy when I pick her up too. Friday morning at dropoff she willingly went to one of the teachers and saw me walk out the door without seeming to care! She is such a social butterfly that I think there being so many kids to watch/interact with and 3 teachers and all the new toys has been huge for her! So happy!

We've also done some special activities a few days after school to make the week a little more fun: Tuesday we got snow cones after school with Drew's bestie and her mom and grandma, and Wednesday we spent a long time at the library. I love that my kids love books - Trent was especially excited that we were able to buy a Captain Underpants book that he doesn't have!

So that's been our start to the school year. I know we'll have some bumps along the way - sicknesses, fights, bad attitudes, you with kids, but I'm hopeful for our best one yet!


Kathryn Bagley said...

So glad things went smoothly those first few days! Hope yall are ok!!

Emily said...

This is my last year being blissfully ignorant about school. Aaron starts kindergarten next year and truthfully I'm excited because it's such a big milestone. How is it getting all 3 out the door in the morning?

Natasha said...

It's good to hear that so far it's all gone well. We start back to school on Tuesday and I'm a little worried about how getting back into routine will go...