Thursday, July 20, 2017

Currently: It's Hot Y'all

Current Book

Current Song

Just downloaded Making Plans by Miranda Lambert

Current TV Show

Current Drink

Jack and Ginger in a 'G' glass!

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

Guys. Can I tell y'all how often the kids aren't in the room but I turn on the Pandora Disney channel? LOVE IT!

Current Outfit

A Deloitte t-shirt and old Target pajama pants. I took the kids to the pool earlier, so I've already showered and got my comfy pjs on! [This is as I type this not post this.]

Current Celebrity Crush

I am really looking forward to the 3rd season of Outlander.
The second book was my least favorite, so I couldn't get into the season, but
book 3 was top of my list from the series. Come on September 10!

Current Mood

I am listening to my boys play old school Nintendo. My heart is full.

Current Anticipation

Okay so this is so lame, but I am doing my first curbside grocery pickup today!
As a mom of 3 kids, THIS IS AMAZING.

Current Wishlist

I really want an Apple watch!

Current Movie

I finally watched both of these on-demand! They were great!
Allison and I are searching for our August birthday movie. Any good suggestions?

Current Picture

Literally the most recent pic I took! Lots and lots of pool time with this crew.


Kathryn Bagley said...

I thought about you when Game of Thrones started..your book looks interesting so can't wait to hear your review (and what it's about). OMG I hope I get to see you (and meet P) this weekend or I'll be very sad!

Kelly said...

I love Joshlyn Jackson. Gods in Alabama is my favorite book of hers.

Karen Peterson said...

Oh my gosh, we need to talk Thrones!

Yay for old school Nintendo!

I'm so happy you got to see Hidden Figures and Lion!! As for an August movie...what type of movie are you thinking? Because I have some ideas.