Friday, July 28, 2017

About Last Night: A Timeline

Let's talk about how my night went down last night, mmm-kay?

7:00 PM - Put Paige to bed. She skipped her second nap because the mowers came, so she was TIRED.

8:00 PM - The big 2 come in from swimming at the neighbors' house {their grandkids are Trent and Drew's age and love playing together}, the grandkids come over and they run nuts through the house with me sounding like a hag whisper shouting 'Don't wake the baby!'

9:00 - 10:00 PM - Get the big 2 sleeping. 

10:15 PM - Paige is up. #awesome

11:00 PM - Brent comes back from another neighbor's house. We chat while I shower/get ready for bed.

12:00 AM - Brent is asleep but I am still reading. Paige wakes up again. #noooo

3:30 AM - Drew comes in our room crying because she had a nightmare. Let her cuddle for a little bit and once she is relaxed I get her set-up to sleep on our couch.

4:00 AM - Drew is standing by my side of the bed crying she had another nightmare. Let her snuggle some more and get her back on the couch.

4:30 AM - DREW IS BACK. I tell her if she can't lay down and go to sleep on the couch, I'm going to put her back in her bed. She decides she wants to go to her bed. She tries to climb in with Trent but starts whining and wakes him up. Get her in her bed {she is SOOOO upset by this point} and snuggle AGAIN. Once she's calm, I tell her if she can be quiet and go to sleep on our couch, she can sleep in our room. She agrees. As we walk back to our room, I hear Paige.

4:45 AM - Nurse Paige for the 3rd time.

5:00 AM - Back in our room. Check on Drew. She's content, snuggled under a blanket with her Paw Patrol pillow and finally ready to sleep.

6:00 AM - Brent's alarm goes off. Glad it's him and not me!

His comment to me? You wanted 3 kids so enjoy. HA! 


Natasha said...

Oh these kinds of nights used to make me want to cry. Even though Rachel is six, we still have them once in awhile and they are soooo hard. I hope tonight is a better night for everyone.

Emily said...

Ah sounds like a fun night of motherhood. Also makes me realize I'm way overdue for this kind of night so ugghhhhh

Kathryn Bagley said...

I love how he's asleep the WHOLE!