Monday, April 10, 2017

Weekend Recap: Eggs, Cake, and Fever

We packed a lot into this weekend! Lots of pictures coming your way. {grin}

Friday, our friends and neighbors came over and we dyed Easter eggs. I have never done this with our kids before, and they had a blast! I can't believe we haven't done it before, but I don't think they'll let us skip it ever again.

Sienna was more interested in bouncing with stuffed animals!

Trent hid a bunch of plastic eggs for an egg hunt for all the girls. He had so much fun hiding them, and the girls loved hunting for them.

Lauren and I celebrated surviving the evening with wine!

Saturday we went to a nearby park to celebrate Blair's 6th birthday! How is it possible that she is SIX?!?! I fully intended to get a picture of my parents with all 6 grands...but that didn't happen. Boo!

They had a lot of fun swimming. Well, Drew was too cold!

There was another birthday party in the park that had a petting zoo. They let us crash and the kids loved it! They got to hold rabbits, baby chicks, a tortoise, a guinea pig, and an albino hedgehog.

Happy birthday, Blair!!!

The park also hosted an Easter egg hunt...really more of a 'gather' than hunt, ha. But all the kids participated {well, not Paige who took a 2 hour Ergo nap} and had fun.

Paige hanging out with Pops

Whew! We were all exhausted after all that fun.

Nursing Paige in the middle of the night, she was running fever {her first}, ugh. Luckily it just lasted Sunday, and we got lots of snuggles in, and Monday she was much better!

Hope your weekend was just as exciting...minus the fever!

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Kathryn Bagley said...

Sounds like a fun and busy weekend!