Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Show & Tell Tuesday: Prom Night!

I love the topic for today's Show & Tell Tuesday - sharing about prom! 

Our high school held a joint junior/senior prom, so I went both years. Junior prom is a slightly uncomfortable story. I agreed to go with my friend, Tim, just as friends. Then Brent and I started dating. My parents told me I needed to honor my commitment to Tim and he should be the one to tell me to go with Brent. Except he didn't. I also had an out of town track meet that day. So Tim went to eat with other friends, and I fixed my own hair and make-up {I wore a dress I still think is pretty that I borrowed from my cousin...wish I had a picture just for that !}, and we met up later in the night to go to prom. Then as soon as prom was over, I met up with Brent to hang out the rest of the night. Talk about awkward - picking Brent up at his house and seeing his parents who I barely know in my prom dress from having gone to prom with SOMEONE ELSE. I think I have 1 picture from that night of me with another friend, and Brent and I fought about this event for a LONG time. Ahhh, teenage drama!

Fast forward to senior prom! Brent and I are still together and in luuuuuuuv and of course going to prom together. Now I'm going to side bar for a minute to tell a funny story - which I may have told before but it's worth {IMO} repeating. We had our district track meet at our high school Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with Saturday being prom. I had done my running events on Thursday and had Friday off but was supposed to be at the stadium to cheer on my teammates who were competing. I went to get a manicure {and ended up getting roped into take a freshman who was going to prom who got fake nails and took WAAAAY longer than my manicure} and then headed back up to school. My dad was coaching the boy's team for our H.S., and my mom was working in the press box keeping score. So I went to the press box to see my mom. In the press box were 2 principals, a retired coach, and my dad's cousin who was volunteering {and is a former undercover DPS drug task force officer}. As I talk to my mom I look down and realize one of my nails is smudged, and I promptly {and rationally} burst into tears. I had been so frustrated with the girl I took with me that I left before my nails were dry. All 4 of these men look at my mom in horror to find out why I'm crying and as my mom says 'She messed up her nails.' they all nod in understanding because ALL of these men only had daughters, ha! This memory still cracks me up! And my dad's cousin's wife used to do nails so she happily fixed my nails!

Anyway, back to prom! Brent and I went with 2 other couples and met up at one girl's house ahead of time and did the pictures and all that jazz.

We didn't rent a limo or anything because Brent's dad let us borrow his NEW 1997 Chevy truck. We thought we were so cool to be going to prom in his awesome truck!

We went out to eat before prom and then went to the hotel where prom was being held. We danced, hung out, and had a good time. I wasn't one of those people who thought prom was AMAZING. It was a fancy dance. I had fun with my boyfriend and friends and was happy to leave when it was over.

During prom, class favorites were awarded. I won Best Leader {I was Class President all 4 years} and Miss PHS. Now almost 20 years later I'm not sure if that sounds cool or dorky, but to clarify, Miss PHS was voted on...by the teachers. Ha! Given one or both of my parents taught at this high school since I was 1 and many of the teachers had known me that long, it isn't shocking but still so dorky!

And those was my prom experiences!


Laura Darling said...

Haha that's so funny about the nails! And I could totally understand why the Tim/Brent situation was awkward! Haha oh the teenage drama!!!

Anonymous said...

You guys look like babies..What a cute story to tell.

Kathryn Bagley said...

fun post! Oh that gray sheet backdrop..lol

Emily said...

This is such a fun story. I love the awkward terribleness of your first prom because that was a life-altering problem back then but now totally laughable. And I laughed so much at the "coolness" of going to prom in a new truck because I pretty much dated a guy for his truck in highschool so LOL LOL.