Friday, April 1, 2016

April Goals

How is it already April? I'm really looking forward to spring and a lot of fun stuff already on the horizon!

Recapping March goals:
1. Kid Time - I would say our 3 activities would call this a success {even if 2 of them resulted in crying children! We went to the rodeo {and bought 2 fish}, went a movie, and went to Gatti-Land.
2. More Decorating - Jenn and I hung one thing, but we firmed up plans for several other things. We didn't do as much as I wanted, but we're getting there!
3. Work on a Summer Plan - Brent and I know we need to figure something out, but we're not sure yet...
4. DIY Kimono - I talked about this with my mother-in-law, and we agreed I'll come over one Friday. Now to make it happen!
5. Eye Health - Yes! I did really good with my omega-3 this month, and my eyes got SOOO much better. The few days I forgot it caused a stye and irritation, so it confirmed that this is a MUST DO every day.

1. DIY Kimono - Now that I have my mother-in-law on board, we need to pick a date to do this! I really want to have this done this spring because it is so cute and will be great to have for my spring wardrobe! Do I sound like a fashion blogger? {grin}

2. Finish Playroom - Jenn and I figured out what is needed to complete the playroom. So now I just need to order it!

3. Pictures - We also figured out one wall in the living room. So I need to order frames and prints. I've got the frames narrowed down and the typical indecisiveness is kicking in...

4. Kitchen Chairs - Brent and I got a kitchen table in January, and we still don't have chairs. We want wooden chairs down one side, a bench down the other, and then fabric chairs on either end. We have picked the wooden chairs and the bench, so I want to get those ordered. We can't agree on the fabric chairs, but I don't think those are as critical...

5. Juice Cleanse - I ordered a juice cleanse {I've never done one before but have always wanted to} because I got it 75% off! I want to do it in April.

6. Back in the Kitchen - I haven't cooked hardly at all lately. Life is so much better when I have a meal plan ready and stick to it. Everybody eats better and dinnertime is less stressful.

So that's my plan for April! March wasn't as successful as I'd like because I thought my goals were way manageable, but I guess not, ha. Hopefully I can do better in April!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see this kimono! - AP

Kelly said...

Let me know how the Juice Cleanse goes. I can't imagine doing one. I really love food too much. Haha! :)

Kathryn Bagley said...

Looking forward to house pics! and Kimono pics!

Karen Peterson said...

A juice cleanse?? Good luck with that!

Have fun in April. It's going to be a good month!