Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sometimes You Have Tough Decisions to Make

Brent bought us a Google Chromecast. It's a pretty awesome little gadget. But now it makes me want to watch lots of TV shows. I've avoided a lot of shows because I didn't want to invest in a new show. Now I feel completely out of the loop. Plus, I want some more shows for Brent and me to watch together. Currently, we only watch Law & Order: SVU together.

So tough choices...

Breaking Bad - pro: we could watch the whole series, it is being called one of the best shows ever.

Game of Thrones - pro: totally up my nerd alley {con for B probably}, there are books too! con: we'd probably have to pay for it.

Homeland  - pro: keeps winning tons of awards, I love Claire Danes. con: we'd have to pay for it too.

Revolution - pro: on cable, filming it in my parents' hometown!, my uncle has a part in it!

Sons of Anarchy - pro: Hello Christian Grey!

Walking Dead - pro: heard it is amazing. con: kind of gory?

So what should we pick? Are there others I'm not considering that we should? {I've tried Friday Night Lights twice and can't get into it...even though it's filmed in my home town and based upon my high school's mascot/uniform. Do I need to give it longer? Parenthood? Scandal?}


Hanna said...

Game of Thrones!!! I just got caught up on the first three seasons. Brent will like it too. You should watch Blacklist. James Spader is awesome as usual. :-)

Shelly said...

We just finished Breaking Bad and it was real good! One of those shows that you have a hard time stopping the multiple episode watching to go to bed. Although, it did take me a few episodes before I got into it, but Mark liked it right away.

Also LOVE Parenthood if you haven't watched it. Probably one of my favorite shows ever! I'm a SVU and Criminal Intent girl, so this is a nice change. Also like Revenge.

Clearly, we watch way TOO much TV :)

The Sloan Family said...

Breaking Bad, definitely. I also loved Mad Men.

Jenna said...

nashville? hahahahaha, i LOVE that show

Jenna said...

nashville!!!!! i love that cheesy show

Karen M. Peterson said...

DEFINITELY Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. Mandatory.

KristenW said...

Walking Dead!!! We are so hooked.

Monica Curry said...

PARENTHOOD ALL THE WAY! That's the only show I watch, but I can't miss it. I feel like I'm part of the fam. Oh, it's good! Guarantee you'll love it!