Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Grow Baby Grow {Drew} - 9 Months

Well, here we are again. Drew went and grew up some more. 3/4 of a year! What the what?

Weight: 16 lbs. 14 ozs. {25%}*
Length: 27.5" {50%}
Head circumference: 17 3/4" {75%}*
Clothes: 9 months {Carter's}, 6-12 months {everywhere else} - as of this week we have finally moved up a size in clothes!
Diapers: size 3 in disposables, still all snaps closed on cloth
Hair: getting much longer/thicker and coming in dark brown
Eyes: olive-y like brother!

*We are at a new pediatrician, and weight was taken with clothes on and head circumference switched from cm to inches. Ha.

*Everything goes in your mouth. I constantly see paper, fuzz, random bits of food in your mouth. As long as you won't choke on it, I leave you alone. I call you 'Billy Goat' a lot because you are always chewing something you shouldn't be! 

*Food is continuing to be a fun experience for us. You LOVE to eat! You now eat most fruits and veggies, and this month we added blueberries, peas, cheese, Lara bars, and spaghetti {pictures below}! Your pincher grasp is great, so you can grab just about anything, so we are starting to try lots of things!!

*I've been a little anal about carbs with you given Brother's affinity for them, but I finally let you have some cereal, and you went NUTS! Shocker.

*Busy doesn't begin to describe you. Climbing, standing, pulling, grabbing, LETTING GO.

*You still have only 2 teeth but your top 2 are looking like they are ready to poke through. I imagine before 10 months we'll see those...

*You love to nurse. You nurse about every 2-3 hours during the day. Or you take 2-3 5 oz. bottles at school. You are still not crazy about bottles compared to getting your milk straight from the tap. {grin}

*You consistently take 2 naps/day. At home they are typically 1.5 - 2 hours. At school, they are more like 40 minutes. Ugh. You can put yourself to sleep!

*Sleep was a disaster in month 9. I think an ear infection, followed by a week of nose congestion, followed by 4+ days of diarrhea did you in. You were waking 3+ times a night, and I was a zombie. Luckily you have corrected that and are back to waking once/night.

*You love your brother. So much. My heart is beyond full watching you two play.

*See what I mean about busy?

*You can drink water out of a camelbak water bottle. I think you love being independent with that too.

*You are getting close to walking. We borrowed a shopping cart from Aunt Patty, and you're starting to push it a little.

*You are 'talking' more and more. 'ba', 'ga', 'da', 'ma' are the sounds I hear.

*We watch Baby Signing Time every once in a while, and you sign 'all done' and 'more'. So cute!

 *You are very much a mama's girl. You cry when other people try to hold you. Except Babs and Aunt Patty and sometimes Nana. You even cry if Daddy tries to take you away from me.

*Diaper and clothes changes are tough stuff. Usually a combination of my feet pinning you down, a toy in your hands mouth, and me singing get the job done.

*You love music and when I sing to you. You love to dance. Books? You love to eat them. You like toys that make noise.

*You wrinkle your nose like I do when you laugh.

*Bedtime is still about 7:00. You still sometimes fall asleep nursing which I love.

*Everyone talks about how sweet you are.

*Proof that Brother is the cat's pajamas.

*What a mess! A cute mess but still a mess!

Drew, you are the definition of happiness. We couldn't love you more if we tried. XOXO


Anonymous said...

Keeps getting cuter! What a sweet gurl! - AP

KristenW said...

These are my favorite posts. So many pics! I go through them several times. Cannot believe she is 9 MONTHS!! Such a sweet girl!

Kelly said...

Love this!! These are my favorite posts! She is growing so fast! :)