Monday, October 14, 2013

Real Food: Week 4

Another week of eating real food!

Last week's challenge was no fast food or deep fried food. I did great except for 1 piece of pizza and 1 cheese stick on Saturday when Brent had friends over to watch football all day. I resisted for hours but couldn't quite make it - ha! I feel like that was still pretty darn great!

I would give myself a B+ on fruits/veggies and real beverages. I wasn't GREAT but I was nowhere where I used to be so still moving in the right direction!! Where I do have to give myself props is with veggies. I left tomatoes on a salad and ate them all AND had avocados on another meal. Didn't enjoy either necessarily, but I'm trying to find more veggies I do like...

This week's challenge: Try 2 new whole foods. This one seems pretty easy and fun. I'm hoping it will help me find more things I like especially maybe as other snack options.

Definition of a whole food: A whole food is something that has one ingredient and is not refined. Some examples that you’re hopefully familiar with are apples, potatoes, brown rice, whole-wheat flour and spinach. 

So there you go! Week 4! Good luck to anyone who wants to try!