Friday, February 20, 2009

Baby Baby

My good friend, Stephanie, is also pregnant. (You PHS Class of '98ers who read this know Stephanie.) She is due in the middle of August and saw her beautiful baby's heart beating in December - which is such an amazing and joyous moment.

Well, yesterday, she found out that there are TWO babies in there!! The doctor missed the second baby at her first u/s. Can you imagine how crazy that would be? As expected, she's a little bit in shock, so please leave a comment that Steph can read about how excited we all are for her!!

Steph, I am so happy for you and Daniel and feel blessed that my son will now have 2 friends to play with!! :)

P.S. - Aunt Nancy - she might need some encouragement from another 'Twin Mother'!!


STACEY said...

Would this be Stephanie Greinert? Please tell her congratulations for me! Is this her first?

Allena said...

Yup! That's the right Stephanie. Exciting, huh?

STACEY said...

Very exciting! Tell her to start a blog! I’d love to see & hear how she’s doing.

Nancy J. Moon said...

TWINS for Stephanie!!! How exciting, scary and blessed all in two! Tell her to contact me anytime! Get lots of REST now--you'll need it! Hope you have lots of family close by. We didn't and it was TUFF!