Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Baby Alien Face

Is it just me or does my child's face look a little bit like an alien at this point?? Now, he's a super cute alien, but he's an alien nonetheless! :) Thought I'd share this other picture from the ultrasound last week. The rest are kind of standard - feet, arms, etc. Now we'll see who he ends up looking like...any guesses? The u/s technician said he had Brent's chin; I'm sure she was just saying what she thought we'd want to hear...but I guess only time will tell!!


Nancy J. Moon said...

Looks like a Lindemann nose already--just teasing! I just love the Baby Ticker--can't believe it's almost time for Baby Patnode then we get to meet Boy Gurley--that almost sounds like Boy George--so give--what's Boy Gurley's name?

Allena said...

We're debating that...not sure we'll ever get it figured out! ;)