Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Houston Natural Science Museum

Brent's nephew had a great idea in the summer to go to the Houston Natural Science Museum. He remembered going with Brent's parents when he was a kid {reminder - he's 28!} and thought our kids might enjoy it. And they did! We had a great little trip Saturday-Sunday before Labor Day.

We went up Saturday mid-day and spent the late afternoon swimming at the hotel pool, had dinner in the hotel, and had a relatively low-key evening. Trent and Branden shared a hotel room and played YuGiOh for hours! I love that these cousins have bonded over this game!

Sunday morning after a delicious breakfast at Starbucks we headed to the museum. We knew that there were a few extra exhibits happening right now {including a Shark exhibit, and Paige is OBSESSED with sharks}, so we planned to enjoy the main museum but knew we needed time for a few of the extras.

Smile! {sigh}

Drew had to go visit Zoltar, but we told her to 'not get Big'. Ha!

We started out going to see the dinosaurs. This was Branden's favorite, and I think he would have stayed her a lot longer if the others hadn't been more impatient.

A sloth for our sloth-loving girl!

We paid extra money for the shark exhibit, and honestly, it was disappointing. I don't think it was worth the extra money.

Although it was worth getting these shark earrings for Paige!

There was a station at the end with sea creatures we could touch, including some small sharks. The little kids found this neat, and we did have to drag them away.

Touching some starfish

We also paid extra for the butterfly exhibit, and this was a hit for everyone! There was a whole room of insect displays before we even got to the butterflies, very cool.

Look at this cool electric blue frog!

The kids had so much fun forcing me to look at cockroaches.

Nana with her grands

Got them to pose with me, yay!

The last exhibit we went to was the Egyptian exhibit. They had a special {meaning more money} exhibit about King Tut, but we didn't have a lot of time left, so we focused on the main exhibit.


Running out of steam here...

A cool sarcophagus!

If we had planned a little better, there were some movies we could have seen - and there was one about sharks I wish we'd made time for. BUT we bought a membership {cheaper tickets, cheaper parking, discount on the gift shop/food}, so we might have to go back to see all the things we missed.

It was a great trip, and I think everyone had an awesome time!