Monday, August 21, 2023

The Bogg Bag Saga

I posted in last month's Currently post that I was coveting a Bogg bag. This is probably a silly post to write, but I had to share with everyone how the acquisition of said bag went down for me.

I couldn't wrap my brain around paying full price for a Bogg bag, but the more I wanted one, the MORE I WANTED ONE. I have several friends who bring their bag every week to the pool, and I was drooling with jealousy, BUT I was on the hunt to get one on sale...which is nearly impossible to find.

While we were in Arizona, I found a bag 50% off...that seemed to be from a legit site and a legit bag...until I got email correspondence in Chinese. Womp, womp. I still need to get onto my cc website and request a refund for that order, ha!

THEN I found a new bag through the Mercari website - for 1/3 off! I quickly ordered it...and then didn't hear anything for days from the seller. I was very nervous.

The picture on the Mercari website

About a week later, I got a big package from Dillard's and was really confused as to what it was. Because it wasn't a PEACH Bogg bag, it was a BLUSH Bogg bag, and the Mercari site still didn't show any updated shipping information.

The bag that arrived

Finally, the Mercari site updated...and I got a blush Bogg bag, ha. I didn't really care - but it was interesting that a different color was advertised and then took so long to update.

The last piece to this ridiculous story - I didn't even end up using my bag on our beach trip because my sister kept taking her bags with enough towels for everybody haha. But it has been fun to take to the pool for our last few trips of the summer! {grin}