Friday, January 13, 2023

Paige's 6th Year

We finally had Paige's well check on Wednesday! I cannot believe my BABY is 6! Where has time gone?

Height: 43.5" {20%}
Weight: 39.2 pounds {17%}
BMI: 14.56 {30.75%}
Clothes size: 5T or XS
Shoe size: 12
Teeth lost: 5 {7 in total!}

When I think of a word to describe Paige, it's JOYFUL. She has an infectious personality and smile. We get comments ALL THE TIME about how sweet and fun she is, and it's true! 

Paige LOVES school. She loves her teachers and being a helper in class. She is a leader, and her teacher is always telling me how she helps enforce the rules and gets onto kids who aren't doing what they are supposed to be doing. She loves to learn and is doing amazingly in Kindergarten. She is reading on a 4th grade level and has had amazing scores on their MAP testing {tests that compare their knowledge to what is expected of them to know by the end of the school year}. I'm a little sad thinking about her moving out of her beloved Sassafras class next year, but I know she'll be ready!

Paige is a great eater - pretty adventurous for trying things {she's been eating raw onion, definitely doesn't get her taste buds from me}. She loves fruits and vegetables. I am so thankful for this after what we've gone through with Trent.

Paige loves to draw, color, be read to {right now we are reading a ton of Baby Blues comics together}, play board games and with Hatchimals. She's not much into her Barbies anymore. She loves stuffed animals and Squishmallows. She struggles to play independently, but we're working on it! She is my little shadow a lot of the time when we're at home. We're also working on being helpful - cleaning up after herself and doing chores {without complaining}.

Paige still sucks her thumb and loves her Sackie. She also grew attached to Trent's old blanket {Blankie} and a Girl Scouts koala Drew earned last year named Kate BUT Blankie and Kate got left in Hawaii. Kate got flown back from Hawaii {I found the same stuffed animal on eBay}, and she now has a little Elf doll one of her school friend's mom made her named Elfie. She has all 3 with her at all times but Sackie is still #1. 

Speaking of thumb sucking, we're going to start working a little harder to break that attachment. She has a speech evaluation next week, so we will see what the speech therapist says once we start her actual treatment. She misuses her tongue for speaking and has a lisp {just like Trent}.

The other big hurdle we're working on is her sleep! She still struggles to fall asleep on her own, so I sit on the floor every night, but she has still been consistently coming in our room in the middle of the night for WAY TOO LONG {and a regression from last year}. We've got her sleeping back in Drew's room in the top bunk, and I'm hoping we can keep that going - she hasn't come in our room in 3 nights!

Paige tried soccer for the first time this fall and had a great time {even though their team lost all their games and only scored 1 goal all season} and is looking forward to the spring season. She also joined Girl Scouts this year as a Daisy! Cookie sales start next week, and she's so excited. She and Drew are also still doing horseback riding lessons, but I'm not very consistent at signing them up for their lessons. My goal is 2 times/month, they both love it!

Paige largely likes to wear dresses, but she's recently discovered jeans! It's fun seeing what outfits she puts together every day, ha. She doesn't let me fix her hair very often which makes me super sad, but I like seeing her independence and style. {grin}

I'm surprised she's lost so many teeth! By this age, Drew hadn't lost any! Could be the thumb sucking, but I find it wild to see her big teeth coming in.

Paige is addicted to 2 things {besides me}: sugar and screen time! We struggle with tantrums over those 2, and I think part of it is me babying her a little too much. So we are definitely working on this!

Paige likes Roblox and Minecraft - what is it with kids and these games? All 3 of mine have loved these! She also likes to watch YouTube and has a handful of people/families she's allowed to watch. She also really loves music! She has a very extensive playlist on my phone and loves to listen to it.

I know I say this over and over again, but I am so glad I got my 3rd baby - she is such an amazing person, and she completes our family perfectly!


Kathryn Bagley said...

She is the cutest!!

Natasha said...

Paige is adorable!!! And we're still working on sleep with Rachel -- sorry to be a downer :( If you find any great tips (besides sleeping with her sister!), let me know.