Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Back to School 2021 Questionnaire

The Gurley kids are back to school TODAY! Last week was very exciting/stressful as we dealt with Covid 'things', finding out their classes {Paige and Drew's teachers both stayed so they will be in the same classes and Trent is moving into middle school but also with consistent teachers}, and getting our stuff together. We got everyone into bed in a timely manner {slight miracle}, and I am hoping for a great first day!

As is our tradition for the last handful of years, here is our 'Night Before School' questionnaire! I really like seeing how the kids answers change...or don't over the years. I will, of course, share later this week EVERYTHING about school and their First Day pics!!
Gearing up for their first in-person day last year!

Favorite Color

Trent: Blue

Drew: Blue or Purple

Paige: Pink

Favorite TV Show:

Trent: JoJo's Bizarre Adventures

Drew: I don't know

Paige: My Little Pony

Favorite Movie:

Trent: Dumb & Dumber

Drew: Harry Potter

Paige: Frozen 2

Favorite Toy:

Trent: Nintendo Switch

Drew: Slothy and Poppy

Paige: Legos

Favorite Book:

Trent: JoJo's Bizarre Adventures

Drew: Harry Potter or Wish

Paige: Drew the Screw

Favorite Food:

Trent: Hamburger and fries

Drew: Pancakes

Paige: Cake

Favorite Place:

Trent: Home

Drew: Home

Paige: Home

Favorite Part of School:

Trent: Recess

Drew: Everything

Paige: Everything

Favorite Part of Summer:

Trent: Everything

Drew: Everything

Paige: Playing

Favorite Holiday:

Trent: Christmas {it's like my birthday but better}

Drew: New Year's because it's the day before my birthday

Paige: My birthday

Favorite Thing to do with Mom:

Trent: Talk

Drew: Snuggle

Paige: Play

Favorite Thing to do with Dad:

Trent: Watch movies

Drew: Wrestle or I love you, I love you, Get out of here

Paige: Wrestle

Favorite Thing About Trent:

Drew: He's always corrects my mistakes

Paige: He's funny

Favorite Thing About Drew:

Trent: I guess sometimes she can be nice

Paige: She's playful

Favorite Thing About Paige:

Trent: She can be cute {this is after he called her a 'twerp'}

Drew: She always wants to play

What Are You Going to be When You Grow Up:

Trent: Let's figure that out later

Drew: A baker or an artist/photographer

Paige: An ambulance driver

Who Are You Going to Marry:

Trent: That's confidential

Drew: I don't know

Paige: David

How Many Kids Will You Have:

Trent: E

Drew: 2, hopefully 1 boy and 1 girl

Paige: 3 boys and 3 girls


Natasha said...

I hope they have a GREAT first day and that you enjoy the silence!!!

Emily said...

I like Trent's answers to the future profession and marriage options. Do you think he's starting to have girl crushes? I forget when boys start that, although I remember it's later than girls.