Friday, February 5, 2021

My Library Holds

I saw this post on Stephanie's blog and KNEW I had to do a similar post! I've shared in the past that I largely read on my phone and read books via 3 different library memberships and also occasionally check out physical books from the library in our town. So here's a quick look at what I have on hold at these various libraries!

And this is in addition to the 1 physical book and 3 e-books I have checked out currently {and let's not talk about my physical book pile}. Ha!

Public Library - Physical:
Our library is currently closed to the public, but you can reserve a book and do curbside pickup when it's ready. I reserved maybe 10 books yesterday for the kids for Black History Month and some are ready today, yay! But here's what I have that isn't ready:

Totally random but Brent and I were watching The Office {he's never seen it},
and now it's no longer on Netflix! So we need to finish Season 4.

Now...onto my digital library holds! I currently don't have anything held from my friend's library {hi Kathryn!}, so these are just my own 2 digital library accounts. As a reminder, if you have a valid Texas ID {driver's license or government ID}, you can create an account with the Houston Public Library's digital database for free!

Public Library - Digital:

Reserve placed: January 15, 2021
#1 on 11 copies

Reserve placed: January 4, 2021
#4 on 3 copies
Wait time: About 4 weeks

Reserve placed: February 3, 2021
#2 on 2 copies
Wait time: About 4 weeks

Houston Public Library:

Reserve placed on November 6, 2020
#16 on 4 copies
Wait time: About 8 weeks

Reserve placed: December 25, 2020
#4 on 2 copies
Wait time: About 2 weeks

Reserve placed: January 4, 2021
#18 on 2 copies
Wait time: About 18 weeks

Reserve placed: November 10, 2020
#43 on 12 copies
Wait time: About 7 weeks

Reserve placed: January 4, 2021
#50 on 7 copies
Wait time: About 14 weeks

Reserve placed: January 4, 2021
#20 on 2 copies
Wait time: About 20 weeks

Reserve placed: November 6, 2020
# 60 on 14 copies
Wait time: About 9 weeks

Looking at all these listed out has me so excited! What's on your holds list?!?!


Natasha said...

I currently have 37 physical books on hold and 8 e-books. Yikes.

Emily said...

And they will all come due at exactly the same time! JK. But that's what mine always do. Currently I have Transcendent Kingdom (25 of 90), The Midnight Library (36 of 354), Obama's "A Promised Land" (269 of 340), Anxious People (232 of 329), and The Vanishing Half (476 of 480). All of these books have between 50-90 copies throughout the county.

lil desiqua said...

Jealous that you have 2 digital library accounts! I only have one, and the max number of holds is 5- boooo! I currently only have Concrete Rose by Angie Thomas and Don't Overthink It by Anne Bogel on hold because last week I had 4 books come in at once and I got completely overwhelmed! I actually had an arc of Watching You that's still on my Kindle but I've yet to read, and The Book Woman and Fix Her Up are on my TBR. You'll Never Believe... sounds great too, I'll have to add that one. Hope you get all of these soon!