Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Weekend Highs

 I don't often do weekend recaps because our weekends are usually pretty low-key these days! But this one was extra special, so I want to remember it! Why was it so special? Because Brent and I went OUT ON A DATE TO A RESTAURANT. Our first time since COVID hit, and it was actually several restaurants - we had a whole weekend to ourselves! {And of course we acted responsibly and masked up and followed all appropriate guidelines.}

First, to start off the weekend, I continued my tradition of Saturday jogs. Kelly and I ran 4 miles, and I'm going to aim for 4.25-4.5 this weekend, exciting. 

While I was gone, Brent sent me this adorable picture. XOXO

We had a busy day with activities the first half of Saturday. One of our neighbor's sons had his Bar Mitzvah which we watched on zoom and them went to their house for a luncheon in their backyard. We then rushed across town for my goddaughter, Beau's, birthday.

Another Deloitter whom I love!

Happy birthday, Beau!

I just had to laugh and share this picture of Trent on this horse.

Of course Doughmestic Batches made amazing cookies!

After we left the party, I took the kids to my parents for a 2-night sleepover. AND ALL THE MAMAS SAID HALLELUJAH!!!!! We met up with some of our besties and had dinner out and it was amazing.

Sunday, we met up with the same friends and had brunch together, walked around our adorable town square, went and swam at our other friends' pool, and then went out for dinner AGAIN.

On Labor Day, Brent played in a golf tournament, and I picked up the kids and took them swimming at another friend's house. The kids had SO much fun - they swam and played for 6 hours! We've had a little bit of unseasonably cool weather, and it's going to be in the 70s a couple of days this week {WHAT?}, so I think our pool season is done. Last year we swam until October, so crazy.

The kids had a great time with my parents - lots of playing outside, dance parties, fort-building, movie watching - they were actually mad when I went to get them ha.

And tomorrow...back to reality for what I hope is our last 7 days of virtual school.


Natasha said...

I think our pool season is done too but that's because it's 12C (54F) here this morning. I was thinking that Thursday might be a swimming possibility because it's a high of 20C (66C) and sunny! Must be my Canadian blood speaking! Hahaha!!!

Also, I think it's funny that we both did recaps of our weekends (or a part of it in my case) because we rarely do that. Great minds...

Emily said...

Of all this, I'm totally hooked on the Bar Mitzvah. :) Watching it online and then attend the backyard party! Did you watch the entire service/ceremony? Generally I understand that it's 2-4 hours long depending on the type of synagogue.

Kathryn Bagley said...

You look fab in that picture with B! sounds like a very fun weekend for all! and yay on your mileage..although I've talked to you since then ;)