Friday, September 11, 2020

10 on the 10th {September 2020}

 I intended to document today as a Day in the Life post, but I forgot when I woke up. It annoys me when I don't start off with pictures, so once I remembered I realized it was the 10th, so there was still plenty of time for a 10 on the 10th!

Trent spent Wednesday night at my in-laws and did all his school work over there, and he also spent Thursday night, so no pictures of that little toot today!

1. Drew took this picture, but it made me laugh. 
Action shot of me at my 'work station' and P walking by.

2. My view most of the day. IMing one person, on a call with another.
Rinse, repeat!

3. Selfie before jazzercise!

4. Drew, Barbie, and Babs learning about synonyms.

5. I think Paige took this picture. 
It's terrible, but I wanted to include it since my dad was here too!
They have been the BIGGEST help during virtual school.

6. We're finally done with school and work!
Going on a walk in jackets in September, WHAT?!?
It was 63 degrees at 5:30, holy cow!


8. Baby down!!! She tripped and scraped her knee. SOB.

9. Kisses for daddy before he left to go watch football with a neighbor.

10. Night, night little sweetie! I'll see you in the middle of the night!


Emily said...

63 degrees in Texas! WHOA! I love mid-60s weather. It's my favorite weather.

Kathryn Bagley said...

oh goodness we normally have the same weather but we didn't have any 60 degree come through!! that pic of sad!