Friday, November 9, 2018

Five on Friday

Front Porch

I finally have a front porch with actual stuff on it!

Here's how it's looked for the past 3.5 years, so sad and lonely.

I always intended to do rocking chairs out there, but life kept getting in the way.
Well, one day I was on a walk with my MIL in their new neighborhood...
and it happened. I found the PERFECT chairs and found them online and bought them.
Then I found some cute pillows on clearance at Kohl's, and I was in business!

Brent thought we needed a little table between the chairs,
and my mom had one that matched {minus the stain} that she took from my uncle's house after he passed away.
My dad painted it a fun turquoise and now we officially have a cute porch!
I even have seasonal pillows I rotate out for different holidays - LOVE IT!

The finished porch!!!

Shark cordless vacuum

I found my cordless vacuum! I've been saying for a while I wanted one,
and I have been obsessively searching for one.
I had one picked on Amazon but was watching for a price drop.
At Target one day, a nice one was 50% off! So it was cheaper than the Amazon one.

I use it all the time because I just keep it in the kitchen plugged in.
The battery lasts ~30 minutes which is enough to do a good job on 70% of the house.
So I typically do the living room/kitchen/playroom/our room in one session.
And then I can do the kids' rooms in another OR HAVE THE KIDS DO THEIR ROOMS.
Yes, the kids can use it because it's so light weight, and it's Paige's favorite toy.
Mega meltdown if I use it around her 'my turn, my turn!'

Front braid

I finally figured out how to do a front braid (thanks YouTube)!
I've been experimenting on myself and Drew.
I want to do a braid crown around her whole head - assuming she'd let it stay, ha.


Fall sports

We are trying out new things this fall, and I'm so excited.

Trent is playing basketball this fall, and he picked it! He is practicing every day,
and he has his first game on Saturday. I can't wait.

And Drew is going to switch to ballet!!!
She LOVES to dance and has been bored with gymnastics - 
they kept saying they were going to move her up but never onto something new!


Rent the Runway

Brent's company holiday party is in 4 weeks, and it's the first one he's ever had.
It's probably silly, but I want to look really nice and make him proud.
{I know that sounds silly, ha}
BUT...I'm still not at my goal weight, so I don't want to buy something new that hopefully won't fit for very much longer.
So I'm going to try Rent the Runway!!! Has anyone else tried it? Thoughts?


Kathryn Bagley said...

I need more deets on your vaccuum! Been looking for one! Love the braid and want to learn how to do it! I've had friends that have done rent the runway and have loved it! I think I'm too cheap to pay for something and then have to return it with no money back..ha! Show us your choices!

Emily said...

Lots of thoughts on Rent the Runway. I’ve used it twice and both times got tons of compliments on my dress. When looking for a dress, I only look at reviews / pictures from people the same size as me (obv a dress on a sz 2 looks different than on a sz 8), and I find that tool to be the most helpful of all. One time I got the same dress in 2 different sizes (good because I ended up going with a different size than I thought) and one time I couldn’t decide so I got 2 different dresses and went with my second option dress. My only complaint is that the dresses are often a bit worn, lace crinkled, rough seams, even some rips. Now, none of these are ever obvious to observers, but to a perfectionist like me who is used to buying new, it did bother me. I ended up getting 40% refunded on my first order due to the condition of the dresses (second order was better, but not perfect). None of my dresses smelled which is good because I’m hyper sensitive to smells. So yes, I like it and will use it again, but set expectations accordingly.