Friday, November 30, 2018

Currently: Almost Forgot My Monthly Post!

Current Book

Last one of the trilogy!

Current Song

If you know me AT ALL, you know it's the Christmas Carol show at our house!
Namely the Pandora 'Christmas Radio' channel - 
it's a good mix of classic carols and new songs too. I love it!

Current TV Show

I started the final season of Once Upon a Time which is cute.
BUT the big news is I got Brent to agree to watch Game of Thrones!
He doesn't love it like me, but he's trudging along - we're a few episodes into season 2.

Current Drink

I'm about to make some green tea - I found a combo I really like - 
I add Stevia and some fresh lemon juice - yum!

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

I've got some fun YA books to share next week, ha.
Oh teenage love stories - WHY CAN'T I QUIT YOU??

Current Outfit

I wore my new pocket poncho today that I LOVE. 
It's comfy and warm and cute!

Here's what it really looks like. LOVE!

Current Celebrity Crush

I'm a little bit interested in seeing Chris Pine in this???

Current Mood


Current Anticipation

This one is going to sound goofy, but for the first time in our marriage, 
Brent has a work holiday party, and it's next weekend!
I'm strangely so excited to go.
Although I guess it isn't that strange - he works with 2 of his best friends,
and their wives are some of my best friends, so we're going to have a blast!

Current Wishlist

To finish my Christmas shopping!
I've got a few people left to tackle, a few more things for the kids, 
and I need to get stocking stuffers. But I wrapped probably 20 presents last night.

Current Film

So Allison and I haven't been to a movie in 100 years.
In reality it's been SEVEN MONTHS.
We've seen exactly ZERO Oscar contenders, it's really sad right now.
BUT we've got a date planned for next week!
No clue what we'll see, but I'm SO EXCITED!!!

Current Picture

These 3 watch America's Funniest Videos at least once a week together.
It is just the cutest to hear them all laughing!


Emily said...

Oh wow I didn’t realize you were reading through the Crazy Rich Asian trilogy (is that what it is?) esp given that you weren’t crazy about the first (pun intended). Curious what you think. I never attempted the rest, assuming that all sequels usually suck.

Kathryn Bagley said...

can't wait to see what books you've been reading! and excited to see your outfit for the party (which i will need a pic!)

Natasha said...

I too love cheesy YA romance novels. Have you read the Stephanie Perkins trilogy -- Anna and the French Kiss, etc? They are adorable.

Also, I love your current mood -- YES!!!