Friday, September 14, 2018

Let's Talk Vitamins!


As we roll into month 2 of school and fall is quickly approaching {HOLLA!}, I've been stepping up my game with the kids' vitamins. We majorly slacked off in the summer, oops! I wanted to share what I give my kids most days - probably 3-4 -  and see if anyone has other good ideas. I REALLY don't want to repeat the Flu-Strep Apocalypse of 2018!

As a reminder, this is what my vitamin regimen looked like after Drew and Paige!
So I'm no stranger to A LOT of vitamins. {grin}

Ningxia Red

Ningxia Red is a Young Living antioxidant drink that everyone takes but Trent {he refuses ha} instead of a multi-vitamin. It is made from wolfberry and has a ton of benefits. I don't really understand what antioxidants are, but I know they fight free radicals and that free radicals are bad. {grin} I've read information about helping liver function, eye health, stabilizes blood sugar, and immune boosting.

Omega 3

We all take Omega-3! I take it for a multitude of reasons but one of the main reasons is it helps prevent my stye problem caused by chronic dry eyes. Since I started taking a large dose of DHA daily {think 1,000 mg or more}, my styes are almost non-existent, and if I slack on it...poof, a stye!

For the kids, it's really awesome for brain development, it's been linked to helping with ADHD, good for blood fat, Alzheimer and dementia prevention {which my maternal grandmother had}, and so many other benefits!

Vitamin D

We're lucky in Texas to get a lot of sunshine in the summer which provides natural Vitamin D. I don't put sunscreen on the kids unless they're going to be exposed to the sun for a lot of time during the peak hours because Vitamin D is THAT important. The only time we used sunscreen all summer was our trip to Lost Pines with Brent's mom!

But the rest of the year, I try to give the kids 2,000 IU or more of Vitamin D to help boost their immune systems and help prevent all the nasty winter bugs. Maybe they need more after last year? Ha!

Vitamin C

The kids typically eat this like candy, and I encourage it! It's so good for fighting off the common cold and coughs, and I dole it out big time, especially when somebody is yucky. I look for tablets that are at 500 mg each, so the kids get HIGH doses of this one.

ImmunoPRP Spray

Here's my super hippie vitamin - this is made from bovine colostrum and is another immune booster. It actually tastes really good so the girls love when I just squirt it right in their mouths. For Trent, I hide it, ha.


I don't think I'm sharing anything new with probiotics, but I love that it makes me feel proactive about helping the kids' gut health - especially after antibiotics. I do switch this up ever so often, since there are a lot of really good brands that have different strands/potencies. Right now, we're using one from Young Living that is a capsule - Trent can swallow it, but for the girls, I open the capsule and sprinkle it into their daily drink of Ningxia/Omega-3.

Do y'all think I'm totally crazy for giving the kids this many vitamins? Is there anything you use/give your kids I should add to my regimen?? No flu in 2019!!!


Emily said...

And meanwhile I don’t give my kids any vitamins haha. I looked into it a while ago and after lots of research I determined that as long as they maintain a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of outside time, they were getting all they need. I certainly don’t think it’s bad (it’s one of those “can’t hurt right?”) but just not necessary for my kids.