Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Emmy Awards 2018 Fashion

Confession: I didn't watch the Emmy Awards this year. I didn't even know it was on until I started getting alerts from my E! app. Oops! Allison and I have had a terrible time of getting together for a movie, so we're going to have to step-up our game before the Oscars! {You ready, friend?}

But! With that said, I couldn't let the fashion pass me by too! I thought overall this year had a lot of really good dresses. I was very impressed and the ones I'll call 'worst' weren't BAD, just not great. 

My Favorites

Allison Janney
I LOVE the color of this dress! I love how it fits, love everything.

Heidi Klum
Lately I feel like all she does is show off ALLLLL her skin.
This was a breath of fresh air from her - she looked flawless.

Keri Russell
I thought this was really unique and overall really worked.
It wasn't my absolute favorite because it seemed kind of heavy,
and I didn't love the shoes, but I liked how cool it was.

Chrissy Teigen
This isn't my favorite look of Chrissy's but when has she ever looked bad?
She KNOWS how to dress her body and show herself off BEST.

Dakota Fanning
I liked how simple this was. Pretty color on her skin, simple hair, pretty jewelry.
Like a breath of fresh air.

 Kirsten Bell
Everything about this screamed movie star.

Thandie Newton
I loved the color, the smooth/perfect fit, the drape was a little bit of drama.

Trevor Noah
Love the velvet edging - a nice touch to a classic black tux.


Jessica Biel
How amazing is this? I love his this dress fits, the ruffle, her hair, makeup.
The whole package is wonderfully amazing.

 Scarlet Johansson
I love how this looks classy and a little edgy at the same time.
She looks amazing, her leg is HOT, love her hair and shoes and just EVERYTHING.

 The Meh Looks

Constance Wu
This is trying to hard. I like the fabric in theory,
 but there's too much fabric, it seems big and too many cutouts.

 Tracee Ellis Ross
I love the color of this so much, but it's just too poofy.

Mandy Moore
I don't like the fit of this, it's a weird length, and I hate that her hair matches.
Maybe if she had a bold lip and different hair, but the whole look underwhelms.

Kirsten Dunst
Her boobs are distracting me in a bad way.
She's had a kid and her boobs are different now, cover them up!

Regina King
Another one where I LOVE the color but it needs something to add some pizzazz.

Sandra Oh
Almost but nope. I love the top of the dress but below the waist, meh.
And I don't like her hair or makeup.

Michelle Dockery
Y'all know how I feel about Downton Abbey, but I don't think this is her best look.

The Worst

Sarah Silverman
It's like the funeral version of a wedding dress?

Maya Rudolph
It's like if you invited Wednesday Addams to the show.
I seriously can't stop laughing over her expression.

Sarah Paulson
The feathers, the boobs, the severe hair - yuck.

Alexis Bledel
This would be cute if a 13 year old were wearing it. :(

Alison Brie
I hate everything about this.

Darren Criss
It looks like his tux has stains on it

Evan Rachel Wood
Is she making a vampire movie?

What did you think about the fashion?


Emily said...

I follow Mandy Moore on IG and on there her dress looked stunning but I went back (after your post) and realized she never showed the hemline. It would’ve been beautiful as a floor length, a-line gown but agreed I didn’t like the crop. The only other one I disagree on is Chrissy Teigen. I love her and also follow her on IG because she is hilarious. I think her gown made her look like a doll. I know she’s still working on the postpartum bod, but this isn’t what I would pick to show her current curves. Other than those, I agree with you on everything. My favorite of all is Thandie Newtown - the color, the shape, the fit - beautiful.

Kathryn Bagley said...

I'm dying! Wednesday adams..ha! I also thought Keri Russell's dress was something the EQ might where in ouat! Kirten Bell-nailed it!