Friday, April 20, 2018

This or That

Y'all know I love a fun survey. Emily and I seem to trade these back and forth. {grin}

Cake or Cookies?

If I can't have both, 
which would be my truthful answer,
{along with all other forms of dessert} 
I think I'd say cake.
Cheesecake, yellow cake with chocolate icing, strawberry cake, yum!

Call or Text?

I'm probably 60/40 texting over calling.
I talk to my sister, parents, Brent, in-laws, 
and some friends on a regular basis.
But texting is SO easy and lazy, I love it!

Coke or Pepsi?

Coke - 
probably my most embarrassing food love - 
although there are a lot ha.

Dogs or Cats?

I think if we were to ever get a pet, it'd be a small-ish dog.
Trent wants one SO BAD.
They both have downsides that have prevented me from really wanting one:
They both shed. 
Dogs chew on things and smell and poop in your yard.
Cats have litter boxes to deal with and scratch up stuff.

Eggs or Pancakes?

Pancakes - or even French toast, yum!
Eggs are so disgusting - I hate everything about them - 
what stinks is my girls like them scrambled and they all like them hard-boiled.
I've tried eggs so many times hoping I'll like them - NOPE.

Facebook or Twitter?

Neither - I used to use both and lost interest.
I have my Facebook page still because of some school stuff for the kids 
and a few pages I like - mostly I hate it!

Instagram or Pinterest?

Instagram ALL THE WAY
I use Pinterest for recipes and love that vs. actually having real recipes
but Instagram is the one form of social media I truly enjoy

Marvel or DC?

What's the difference? I seriously have no clue.

Paperback or e-Book?

e-Book 95% of the time - 
I actually get annoyed when I have to read a 'real' book 
because I love having my book always with me on my phone

Summer or Winter?

By September I'm wilting from the heat, 
but I really only want cold weather at Christmastime.
I can't wait for the pool to open - 
ugh although that means getting in a bathing suit.

Sweet or Spicy?

Both and preferably mixed together

Tattoos or Piercings?

I've always wanted a tattoo but Brent doesn't like them, 
so I've never gotten one.
At one point I had 7 earrings and also had a short stint with a belly button piercing.
Now I just wear 1 earring in each ear - I'm so white bread.

Tea or Coffee?

Tea - can anyone guess what tea specifically?
Duh, a Starbucks chai latte
I've always liked the smell of coffee - except when pregnant - 
but don't like the taste

Yoga Pants or Jeans?

Jeans - I attempt most days to put on real clothes 
so I don't feel like an utter slob.

Zoo or Aquarium?

I'm not sure if I've ever been to an aquarium? So I guess zoo!


Anonymous said...

Nooooooo to ebooks! ‘Real’ books are so much better! ;) - AP

Emily said...

I forget we share the eggs hatred. There’s so few of us. I wish someone would open a trendy brunch place called “no eggs.”

Natasha said...

I love your answer to DC or Marvel because I am so the same way.

Also, I don't know why your love for e-books surprises me...?

And you definitely have to check out a good aquarium at some point. I just LOVE them!