Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Our Little Graduate!

We have reached a day that I wasn't sure would ever come, and I just had to share...

Trent graduated from speech therapy!!!!

Going all the way back to Trent's 3-year well-check, I blogged about how he misused his tongue - a trait he inherited from yours truly. From the minute he was born, his tongue firmly stuck out of his mouth. We called him 'Snake' in the hospital even, ha.

My cute, little tongue thruster

We did speech therapy for about 9 months right after he turned 3, but he wasn't ready. The therapists told us they felt guilty taking our money because he wouldn't do anything in his sessions!

Brent and I discussed it off and on for a few years, but the focus always ended up being more on his behavior, so it fell by the wayside. But last year, I finally bit the bullet and found a home health place, and we worked with an amazing therapist, Ms. Terri, for about a year.

And a few weeks ago, Trent finished his last session! He isn't using his ton 100% right all the time, but he is doing so much better, and often, he uses it correctly without prompting. I can't believe it - I really thought we'd never get here! I'm so proud of the work he put into his sessions and his practice between sessions. It's amazing to see the results of all his hard work!!

But just in case you were worried what we'd do with all that free time...

She's Trent's twin in more than just looks...
check out that tongue action! {grin}


Anonymous said...

Whho hoo! Way to go, Trent (and Mom)! - AP

Natasha said...

We did speech therapy for Rachel for two months right after she turned two because she wasn't talking and, when she did talk, she dropped the first consonant. That really helped but lately, she's been asking for it again (breaks my heart) because she can't say the "r" sound and it makes it hard for people to figure out what she's saying sometimes. "Right?" "White?" "Cars?" "Cows?"

Thanks for reminding me I need to do something about this.

Emily said...

Yay for speech graduation!